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how we serve our international customers here at rubber box feature image

How We Serve Our International Customers Here At Rubber Box

Here at Rubber Box, our the quality of our products are one of our top priorities – right alongside providing ...

why effective power distribution is always important feature image

Why Effective Power Distribution Is Always Important

It’s likely that whatever your industry, from construction to marinas, to DJ-ing or events, your very first concern will always ...

how top teams handle power distribution in a formula one garage feature image

How Top Teams Handle Power Distribution In A Formula One Garage

With the racing season well underway, Britain is all geared up for the start of Formula One. And while it’s ...

rubber box is a top supplier of electrical distribution equipment feature image

Electrical Distribution Equipment Supply At Rubber Box

We’ve been in business for decades here at Rubber Box, and over that time we’ve built a trusted name for ...

what makes power distribution different in the military feature image

What Makes Power Distribution Different In The Military?

We serve all sorts of industries here at Rubber Box, but amongst the most complex by far is the military ...

a quick look at some of rubber boxs biggest achievements feature image

A Quick Look At Some Of Rubber Box’s Biggest Achievements

After almost 30 years in business here at Rubber Box, it’s fair to say we’ve had time to make our ...

over 500 bespoke products this Year: statistics about our service feature image

Over 500 Bespoke Products This Year: Statistics About Our Service

We’ve been in the power distribution industry a long time here at Rubber Box, and after this many years in ...

why do music festivals keep coming back to rubber box feature image

Why Do Music Festivals Keep Coming Back To Rubber Box?

As we’ve mentioned once or twice, organisers of music festivals are amongst our biggest customers here at Rubber Box. Last ...

how do organisers use power for music festivals feature image

How Do Organisers Use Power For Music Festivals?

In the last few weeks on our blog, we’ve elaborated on how our power distros serve certain sectors here at ...

industry insights power distribution for private events feature image

Industry Insights: Power Distribution For Private Events

As we round off our series of blogs focusing on the various industries and events we serve, this week we’re ...

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