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christmas lights

Our top tips to stay safe with large-scale Christmas decorations

During the festive season there’s nothing better than seeing our streets and buildings adorned with Christmas decorations. But if you’re ...

circuit breaker electrical

Why are circuit protection devices so important?

Electricity is produced in power stations before being transported via transmitters and distribution networks and, eventually, to your home or ...


What’s the difference between active and passive speakers?

When you’re sorting out a public address system for your own conference or event, there are a few decisions that ...


How VR is set to revolutionise Formula One broadcasting

We recently talked about how far broadcast technology has come in just the past fifteen years or so, and how ...

arc flashes

The key facts you need to know about arc flashes

By far one of the most underestimated dangers of working with electrical equipment, arc flashes are magnitudes more powerful than ...

broadcasting football stdium

The role of broadcast technology in the age of Covid-19

It’s the most dramatic change to our lives since the post war years, and for many of us it’s the ...


Key points to bear in mind about lighting design

The theatre and stage industry is one of the key sectors we serve with our electrical power distros here at ...

Power Distribution Solutions For Autumn Events

Key considerations for soundproofing events

Here at Rubber Box we supply our rubber boxes and electrical distribution equipment to clients producing and managing events of ...


What is a power distribution box?

We serve customers across a wide range of industries here at Rubber Box, from the sports and broadcasting industries all ...


Why the right lighting is key to the success of any event

Lights, camera, action – that’s what they always say. And there’s a reason lights come first! Whether it’s a business ...

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