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broadcasting football stdium

The role of broadcast technology in the age of Covid-19

It’s the most dramatic change to our lives since the post war years, and for many of us it’s the ...

We’re getting ready for another fantastic year at Prolight + Sound

Update: Prolight and Sound cancelled for 2020

We know it wasn’t the news you wanted to hear – and trust us, it wasn’t a welcome update for ...


Key points to bear in mind about lighting design

The theatre and stage industry is one of the key sectors we serve with our electrical power distros here at ...

Power Distribution Solutions For Autumn Events

Key considerations for soundproofing events

Here at Rubber Box we supply our rubber boxes and electrical distribution equipment to clients producing and managing events of ...

rubber box mic in church

How do dynamic microphones work?

We cater to a huge array of clients with our rubber boxes and electrical distribution equipment, so they’ve always been ...


What is a power distribution box?

We serve customers across a wide range of industries here at Rubber Box, from the sports and broadcasting industries all ...

nightclub scene

What’s the difference between incandescent and LED lighting?

While incandescent lighting has long been the go-to choice for the commercial and entertainment industries, in recent years LED lighting ...


Why the right lighting is key to the success of any event

Lights, camera, action – that’s what they always say. And there’s a reason lights come first! Whether it’s a business ...

how we serve our international customers here at rubber box feature image

The basics of Portable Appliance Testing

Portable appliance testing, often abbreviated to the snappier PAT testing, is a pretty vital part of owning or operating any ...

people dancing in nightclub

Here’s of the biggest events we’re powering this summer

Summer is always a particularly busy time for us here at Rubber Box, as it tends to be peak season ...

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