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What is a power distribution box?

We serve customers across a wide range of industries here at Rubber Box, from the sports and broadcasting industries all ...

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What’s the difference between incandescent and LED lighting?

While incandescent lighting has long been the go-to choice for the commercial and entertainment industries, in recent years LED lighting ...


Why the right lighting is key to the success of any event

Lights, camera, action – that’s what they always say. And there’s a reason lights come first! Whether it’s a business ...

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The basics of Portable Appliance Testing

Portable appliance testing, often abbreviated to the snappier PAT testing, is a pretty vital part of owning or operating any ...

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Here’s of the biggest events we’re powering this summer

Summer is always a particularly busy time for us here at Rubber Box, as it tends to be peak season ...


What to be aware of when using dry ice for your event

Dry ice or other smoke generating techniques are used to create a mist or smoke in the air at wedding ...

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How to plan making your event more sustainable

A successful event takes a lot of careful planning, whether it’s a corporate event or a music concert. Naturally, amongst ...

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Why is daisy chaining dangerous?

In the world of electronics, unfortunately daisy chaining isn’t nearly as innocent as its name might suggest. Essentially, the term ...


When should you choose single or three phase power?

There are lots of factors to consider when you’re in search of the perfect audio-visual performance for your event or ...


Gandeys and Circus Starr: how we helped two very different circuses

2019 is already turning out to be another frantic year for us here at Rubber Box. As well as getting ...

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