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With our latest offering giving you 10% off our Powercases until the end of September, we thought it was about time Powercases got their own feature. Designed with every need in mind, its no wonder that our Powercases are one of our more popular products. Not only do they perform fantastically, they also make work efficient and safe, while ensuring the longevity of your distro. What more could you ask for?

Built to last a lifetime

We specifically chose a hardwearing material for our Powercase for ultimate durability. In fact, we’re so confident in our HDPE Rotomoulded double skinned case, which has foam filled lids for extra rigidity, that we offer a five-year guarantee on every enclosure. Should you break if through fair wear and tear we promise to repair it or replace it free of charge – as a five-year expectancy is much less than we would expect from any of our Powercases.

As well as its durability, the HDPE Rotomoulded double skinned case also comes with other benefits. It’s lighter and more robust than a standard wooden case – and consequently much easier to transport. We’ve also gone that little bit further with the design, as we do at Rubber Box, and fitted wheels to one of the lids for ease of transportation. What’s more, the design of the product makes it much less expensive than a steel 19” racking system – so it’s win-win all around! Remember, these aren’t just features of one of our products, they’re features of ALL our Powercases and standard right across the board. We wouldn’t want you to expect anything less from us here at Rubber Box.

Resilient, even in the toughest environments

When designing our Powercases, the conditions in which they’d be used was also a huge influence in their design. From festivals to far-flung outdoor destinations, we designed the Powercase to be weatherproof so that you could be confident in its performance, no matter what the weather. All our Powercases are IP44 rated while in use and IP65 rated when lids are fitted. What’s more, the cases are also double insulated for extra safety.

Find your Powercase today

We have two standard versions of our Powercases held in stock and available on our website. They are the RUB16U36, a 400A 36 way-Lighting Distro, and the RUB24U48, a 48-way Lighting Distro. Each of these Powercases come with all the benefits above and weigh in at less than 100kg, complete with lids. While these Powercases fulfill the majority of customer needs, we’re always happy to build a bespoke product for you. The options for your bespoke design are endless – all you need to do is tell us what you want here, on our request for, and we can go from there.

If you can think of it we can build it...

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We manufacture bespoke power distro boxes to our customer’s individual requirements