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Over 500 Bespoke Products This Year: Statistics About Our Service

We’ve been in the power distribution industry a long time here at Rubber Box, and after this many years in operation we’ve got some serious numbers to prove it! We’ve talked in the past about some of the industries we serve, but to give you a clearer idea of how we achieve your power distribution goals here at Rubber Box, this week’s blog goes into detail about some of our most impressive stats.

Service: We’ve Processed 6126 Orders So Far This Year

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We’re always on the go here at Rubber Box – and with numbers like that, you can see why! Between December 2016 and May 2017, we’ve racked up well over 6000 orders – and obviously, that number is climbing all the time. We’re on track so far, as we tend to process around 12,000 orders every year. Very few orders are the same; due to the wide variety of industries we serve, we can be providing power distros for a marina one week, and a music festival the next.

What’s more, there are often differences in the way our clients order from us, depending on what they’re using our rubber boxes for. Clients ordering portable power for a wedding or informal event, for example, might ask for their power distros some months in advance. Meanwhile, due to the ever-changing variables involved in setting up many music festivals, organisers often need a product turnaround of only a couple of weeks.

It’s quick work for our engineers, but we always manage to get the job done on time. Out of these 12,000 orders a year, we tend to only get 2 or 3 complaints. Yes, really! We take great pride in our customer service, not just building the boxes but also in our aftercare; advising customers on how to fix common problems quickly and easily without the need for our engineers to be called out on site.

Stock: We’ve Already Created 531 Bespoke Products

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Of the 6126 orders we mentioned above, well over 500 of them have been completely bespoke products. Just to be clear, that doesn’t mean minor modifications to existing products, or casual refits. When we say ‘bespoke’, we mean it – we’ve created each of these products from the ground up, designed and built to the client’s exact specifications.

A lot of the time, our standard products are more than up to the job – we have over 1400 of these in our stock, designed with an inbuilt versatility and scalability. This means that they can be linked into existing power systems without any special connectors or adaptors – it’s one of the many reasons our power distros are so popular with our customers.

On top of our 1400 standard products, we also have 350 made-up extension cables, ready for immediate deployment. All told, the total length of the cable we stock here at Rubber Box is just over 20km. To put that in perspective, if we were to lay it end to end, we could go from our building here in Churchill Way all the way to Burnley town centre and back again, and still have enough left over for another trip. As you might imagine, most of our clients find that we always stock enough cable for their needs.

The numbers speak for themselves – at Rubber Box, you can count on us to achieve all your power distribution needs. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, our expert engineers will work closely with you to construct a bespoke product tailored to your exact requirements. Give us a call on 01282 677 910 and we’ll be only too happy to discuss your options with you. Alternatively, you can click the following link to simply request a quote!

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