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A Quick Look At Some Of Rubber Box’s Biggest Achievements

After almost 30 years in business here at Rubber Box, it’s fair to say we’ve had time to make our mark on the industry. Over the years we’ve collected some pretty impressive achievements to our name, most of them direct results of our efforts to constantly deliver quality products and customer service.

Rubber Box Is An International Company

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We’re well known in Britain as a major force in the power distribution industry (which we’ll go into more detail on shortly), but our products are also renowned on international shores, too. Today we ship worldwide, and our rubber boxes are seeing use in over 40 different countries across Europe, North and South America, Africa, Eurasia, and the Middle and Far East. These countries include Hong Kong, China, Australia, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Namibia, and Iraq – just to name a few!

We’ve served countless industries overseas, from public and national events to private events and corporate organisations. Of course, we didn’t achieve this international reputation overnight. It took decades of sweat and graft from our staff and engineers, but today we’re in the fortunate position of being able to do business all over the world, serving around 12,000 customers a year – a solid testament to the quality of our distros if ever there was one!

Our Products Were Instrumental In The 2012 London Olympics

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We’ve got a couple of impressive case studies under our belt, but by far the largest is the London 2012 Olympics. This was a project with actually quite a short turnaround – we were given barely more than a couple of weeks to complete the contract, producing rubber boxes that would power an £8.8 billion event. The London Olympic Stadium alone cost £500 million of that budget, so it goes without saying that the organisers were relying on Rubber Box to provide power distros with impeccable reliability; and we’re happy to say we rose to the occasion.

All told, 302 Olympic events were put on over the course of 19 days, while 503 Paralympic events took place over 11 days. A total of 9 million tickets were purchased, with over 2 million people in attendance in just the first couple of days alone. It was certainly a tall order, but our part in this magnificent event remains one of our proudest achievements in recent history.

We Provide Power To Hundreds Of Music Festivals Across The UK

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We’ve discussed in detail how music festival organisers remain some of our biggest clients, and our reputation has reached a stage where we can truthfully say almost every major music festival incorporates our rubber boxes into its power mix in some way. The UK has a roster of well over 200 festivals yearly between April and September, and our rubber boxes make up at least a part of every one. This includes some of the biggest names on the scene like Leeds, Reading, Glastonbury, Boomtown, Wickerman, and Download Festival.

One of our recent blogs went into full detail about why music festivals keep coming back to Rubber Box , but some of the key ones are the reliability, mobility and scalability of our products. We’ve got such a good reputation with the biggest event companies that many of them see it as a huge risk to move to a different supplier, especially with vast amounts of money and attendance figures on the line.

Obviously we’re immensely proud of these achievements here at Rubber Box, but they’re not why we’re in the business. They’re mostly just a happy by-product of our unwavering focus on delivering fantastic service to you, our customers. We’ve got a huge range of products to cater to your every power need, and if you need something a little different we can cater for that too! Feel free to give our engineers a call on 01282 677910, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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