leading the charge our best selling power distro boxes

Leading The Charge: Our Best Selling Power Distro Boxes

At Rubber Box, we pride ourselves on our ability to cater to whatever the customer requires. And while each one of you is different, we’re finding that sometimes the same boxes are cropping up over and over again, in eternally high demand. We know the names aren’t too catchy, but let us assure you – they do the job just fine!

Best selling 16A power distro box – RUB1401

Rub1401 power distro box

Technical specification: (16A 240v In & Out to 6 x 13A 240v sockets)

This box splits down the power supply from 16A 1PH to 13A 1PH, and can connect to any supply with a 16A outlet. This makes it a highly versatile device, as 16A outlets are particularly widespread in electrical environments. It’s highly prized due to its configuration, solid degree of reliability and notable longevity. All of this helps explain why it’s consistently been our best selling rubber box, year on year, for the last eight years.

Best selling 32A power distro box – RUB1409C


Technical specification: (32A 240v In to 4 x 16A 240v Outs)

Splitting down from 32A 1PH to 16A 1PH, this is another versatile product that makes it into our top five best sellers every year. It also holds the distinctive honour of being our first ever bespoke power distro to be turned into a standard product, setting the bar for the many once-bespoke power distribution systems that have followed it since. Most portable power setups usually include a box like this, whatever their size or scale.

Another top selling 32A power distribution box – RUB1408

rub1408 power distro box

Technical specification: (32A 240v In to 4 x 16A 240v Outs)

Splitting down from 32A 1PH to 16A 1PH, this box is otherwise identical in layout to RUB1309C. It differs only in the level of protection it provides – while its fellow is outfitted with an Miniature Circuit Breaker that protects against overload and short circuiting, this power distro is instead equipped with a Residual Current Breaker with Overload protection. Essentially, an RCBO performs exactly the same functions as an MCB, but provides the additional benefit of protecting against earth leakage too. We launched this power distro three years ago, in direct response to consumer demand.

Now, we know what you’re thinking – if they’re both otherwise exactly the same, why wouldn’t you pick the one with extra protection? Well, to explain it just briefly, in many cases the MCB is perfectly capable of doing the job itself, and an RCBO in such circumstances may sometimes be seen as overkill. (We’ve explained in more detail in our previous blog, which outlines the differences between guidelines and law.) We’ll always advise on which one we think is best for your requirements, but the final decision is up to you.

There’s no doubt that these are all fantastic devices, and its their versatility and wide range of application that means they consistently top out our list of bestsellers every single year. Having said that, though, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re automatically right for you. Our engineers use their years of accumulated knowledge to analyse your requirements and come up with a solution that’s perfectly tailored to you. It might well be a modified version of one of the above products, or it could be something else entirely. It all depends!

Feel free to browse our full range of power distribution boxes here, or you can go straight to our bespoke boxes page to request an all-new design. If you have any questions or you’d like any general advice, you can always contact us on 01282 677910.

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