The Big 5… Revealed!

What’s your favourite Rubber Box product? That’s exactly what we’ve been analysing here at Rubber Box HQ – looking at our sales to find out exactly what products you love most.

While all of our standard range of distros are extremely popular, there’s been a few that have been increasingly in-demand this year by you, our customers.

Top 5 sellers from January 2015 to date


This compact 16A box is our number one seller for 2015 so far. Ultra compact, hard wearing and offering a waterproof design – it’s no wonder it’s a customer favourite.


One of most powerful bits of kit, the RUBSST16 has been the product of choice when it comes to all those major events this year. It’s fitted with 6 x 16A 240v sockets and with Socapex in and through for mounting on trussing.


This distro has always been one of the best selling 32A power distros, so it’s no surprise to see it’s done well again. Powerful and safe, the RUB1409C comes with MCB and RCBO protection for all outlets.


Another one of our popular 32A products, the RUB1851 is fitted with MCB and RCBO protection and is the perfect addition to your distro collection.


Recently launched this year, the RUB1408 is just one of the newest products to offer RCBO protection per outlet, future proofing its design. It also features a robust design guaranteeing high quality performance.

The results may surprise you, or maybe not. Maybe you already have some of these in your inventory?

Maybe you want some of these in your inventory? If you do, we advise that you get your order in quickly as they’re selling like hotcakes! While we make sure that all our popular products are in stock in large quantities, ready for despatch, it’s always best you get your order in as soon as you have a requirement.

To find out more about any of the products mentioned today, click through the product links to see the finer details and product data sheet. You can also call us on 01282 677 910 with any product related questions or requests for advice.

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