Does BS 7671 apply to temporary power distribution?

As a dependable provider of power distribution equipment, we know a thing or two about electrical safety here at Rubber Box, especially all the important rules and regulations that come with it. Now, when it comes to electrical installations and power distribution, we know that it’s not always immediately clear how and when specific regulations apply. A notable example is with one of the core standards ‘BS 7671’ and how this works with temporary power distribution. So, to help clear this up, this week we’re explaining more about this regulation, what temporary installations can involve, and how you can ensure that your circuits stay safe and within the required standards.

Temporary power distribution: in focus

Just as the name suggests, temporary power distribution is required to facilitate the powering of something on a short-term basis. This can apply to everything from events, to construction sites, emergencies and even as a replacement for batteries.

BS 7671 and the law

BS 7671 is essentially the chief guide to electrical safety in the UK and is sometimes referred to as the IET Wiring Regulations. It regularly gets updated as our technologies and understanding of electrical safety progresses, but ultimately it is a standard to which electrical installations must adhere.

Temporary installations and power distribution is then no exception to this, so to answer the titular question, BS 7671 does indeed apply. What’s more, any standards cannot and should not be relaxed in such circumstances.


Additional guidance and laws

The regulation for BS 7671 also states that some circumstances may need this standard to be supplemented with the requirements stated by other, related standards. One such example is with the use of temporary electrical power distribution and/or installations.

If you were to hold an event, for instance, you may need to also follow the regulations from BS 7909, which is sometimes required for electrical systems that can be pre-packed and then assembled onsite without the need for tools. Specifically, BS 7909 is designed to ensure that any equipment works the way it should in an electrical system and protects those using it from the risk of fire and shocks.

Meeting this, along with what’s required for BS 7671, would then mean your event was in line with the overall IET Wiring Regulations.

Using safe equipment

A final thing to consider with any electrical installation – temporary or otherwise – is that you need to have quality and reliable power distribution equipment. Using safe equipment ultimately helps keep you within the right regulations and can in turn provide added peace-of-mind.

This is where we can help here at Rubber Box. We have a huge range of power distribution available, and our in-house expertise allows us to can advise you on which devices and tech could be right for you. If you’d like to find out more you can take a look through our listings and get a quote via our website. Or if you’d prefer to speak to us, you can call us on 01282 677 910, or simply email info@rubberbox.co.uk and we’ll be happy to see how we can help.

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