From NATO To The Olympics: Our Biggest Bespoke Projects

From NATO To The Olympics: Our Biggest Bespoke Projects

Bespoke power distros are a big part of our business here at Rubber Box, and we treat it very seriously. Accordingly, our engineers are the best and brightest in their field. They know the industry inside out, allowing them to anticipate and overcome any obstacles that come our way, and working with you to produce a rubber box that meets your precise specifications. Below, we’re taking a look at the some of our most demanding projects, and the ways in which our bespoke solutions rose to the challenge.

Going for gold

power at the olympic games

One of the largest projects we’ve ever worked on, the Olympic Games 2012 were challenging for a number of reasons. The first – and perhaps most obvious – was scale. The organisers needed around 1000 rubber boxes to meet major power events, which included not only the Opening and Closing Ceremonies (which are massive events in their own right), but also sporting events throughout the Games, as well as numerous small events in and around the stadium. Our engineers solved not only the logistical challenges involved, but were also faced with a very short timeframe – Rubber Box received the full orders for the power distros in June 2012, less than eight weeks before the Games were due to begin. Our turnaround on this project eventually came in at around three weeks – not bad, we think you’ll agree!

Distributing power around the world


rubber box bespoke projects

On the other side of the world, we at Rubber Box were proud to be chosen to power the celebrations for Qatar’s national Independence Day. Once again, dealing with the scale of the project – as well as the short timeframe – was a major priority. The client’s specifications were for us to provide a distro to power inverters capable to projecting images onto water fountains throughout the celebrations. Not only did we succeed in providing a power distribution system that could do so (and on a scale to match the client’s demands), but our turnaround for this project was less than four weeks.

All bases are covered


An excellent example of the range of industries Rubber Box are capable of serving, we received an order from NATO for a project that involved the widespread construction hundreds of military grade tents. These were to have a number of different functions and purposes, ranging from medical and eating areas to living and sleeping rooms. As a result, they had a diverse and complex power requirement, which our engineers rose to with gusto, working closely with the client to continually adjust and adapt the parameters of the project in order to produce a final product that could meet their requirements.

Naturally, not every bespoke project that comes to us at Rubber Box is on nearly the same level in terms of demand, timeframes and scale. However, our expert knowledge, combined with a highly adaptable product range, makes us confident in saying that whatever you specifications, we’ve got the skills and tools to meet them.

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