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With safety coming first, there have been some new additions to the regulations of electrical products over the last year or so. The latest additions have sparked many of our customers to request distros with RCBO protection per outlet – protecting the user of the equipment and overload of a circuit.

With regulations changing so frequently, many of our customers are keen to future proof their boxes against further changes that may occur at a later date. They want to put safety first, protecting all outlets at 30ma, and ensure their boxes are compliant with all future changes.

Choosing RCBOs for safety

In the past, RCBOs sometimes cost over five times the amount of an MCB, making them an unattractive and costly item for consumers. What’s more, nuisance tripping was also a worry, provoking consumers to pick the RCBO’s more reliable and fuss-free competitor, the MCB. However, over time RCBOs have come down in price and recent innovations have made them much more reliable. As they also comply with safety standards, RCBOs have become a much more viable option.

New configurations available at Rubber Box

In light of this, Rubber Box are configuring many new standard boxes to offer this level of protection. While some of the latest additions to our range all give 30ma RCBO protection per outlet, we’re working our way through our back catalogue to upgrade some of our older and popular items.

RUB1408, RUBTR6, RUB270H8 and our latest lighting distro, RUB24U48, are all recently launched products that offer this protection and soon we will be adding even more configurations to our standard product range. Watch this space.

Of course, Rubber Box will still custom build any box you require with whatever configuration and protection needed for your application – so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve got something specific in mind.

Keep an eye out for upgraded products on our website and new lines coming soon!

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