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If you’re planning on ordering an “off the shelf” item from us here at Rubber Box, you’ll want to know the essentials – from how quickly you can have it delivered to the lead time on a particular product.

At Rubber Box we make things simple with clear policies that apply to all our “off the shelf” products. There is absolutely no lead time for the standard products listed on our website and they can all be delivered next day – making a purchase from Rubber Box easy and convenient.

Available for purchase

When you look at the products listed online we always let you know if there is a change in their availability. You will see that the majority, if not all of our products, are listed as “in stock ready to dispatch.” This means that the item or items are already built and actual physical stock in our warehouse. As a result, they can be sent out on the same day for a speedy next day delivery.

The product code for each item listed on the website also gives an indication as to its availability status. Any item with a product code starting RUB can be delivered next day – you can find this code on the top left hand side of the product description. We currently hold over 1300 items with the RUB codes and the list is ever growing. For example, this month you’ll find the new Type 270H Box – RUB270H8 – which we’ll be covering later on in today’s news. As we move in to the busy events season and summer months you’re sure to see the number of products increase.

1000s of products available

It’s not just our RUB products that are available for next day delivery – so are hundred of extension cables and Y-Cord splitters. We have a wide range of cables in varying lengths and sizes and over 2500 Y-Cord splitters – all of which are clearly listed as available to dispatch now.

We hope this look over our products and delivery policies has helped you to better understand our product range and how we work. If you still can’t find a distro that meets your needs then do let us know your requirements. Our sales team will be more than happy to provide you with a quote for a bespoke box, tailored especially to your needs.

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Bespoke power distro boxes

We manufacture bespoke power distro boxes to our customer’s individual requirements