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Here’s of the biggest events we’re powering this summer

Summer is always a particularly busy time for us here at Rubber Box, as it tends to be peak season for a number of annual events, including several global sports competitions. We’re hard at work on multiple upcoming projects as we speak, but for a quick taster, here are just a few events we’ve already powered so far in 2019!

The Women’s World Cup

You don’t have to be particularly footy-mad to have heard of the Women’s World Cup, as it’s been all over sporting headlines in the past few weeks. Like the World Cup we saw last year, it’s an international football competition involving women’s teams from all member nations of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association – or FIFA, as it’s more commonly known.

The Women’s World Cup is now almost 20 years old, having been running since 1991, and this competition was keenly watched by people all over the world. The stunning tournament was eventually won by the US team, who have now held the title no less than four times. Here at Rubber Box, we provided key equipment to broadcast the tournament to a global audience, helping bring these nail-biting sporting moments and dizzying celebrations right into the living rooms of audiences.

The Glastonbury Festival, 2019

This is an event that hardly needs an introduction, as one of the UK’s single biggest annual music events. It sees about 200,000 attendees each year, which requires a sizeable infrastructure of transport, catering, water and (naturally) power. This is where we came in here at Rubber Box, providing our power distros to ensure a reliable power network that was capable of supporting an event on this scale.

It’s been running since 1970, although every few years it takes regular breaks to allow the organisers, the local population, and the land to recover. These are referred to as ‘fallow years’. Since 2018 was a fallow year, Glastonbury was back in force for this summer, and what an event it was. Most media attention tends to go to the headline acts – Stormzy was one of the artists who got most heads turning this year – but for non-attendees, it can be easy to forget that there are in fact thousands of acts scattered around the festival site. These acts, too, need mics, speakers, lights, amps and mixing desks. It’s quite the feat of engineering – but thankfully, our electrical distribution equipment was more than up to the task!

The British Grand Prix

This is somewhat of a semi-regular event on our calendar here at Rubber Box – as you may already know if you’ve followed our blogs in recent years! The Grand Prix is all about the cars, but the power requirements go far beyond that. You can see our post on how power distribution works in Formula One races to get an idea of what sort of demand these electrical distribution networks have to measure up to. They have an extensive data infrastructure to collect information throughout the race, calculating speeds and wind resistances and various gauges, even the most minute of which could give them a valuable edge over the competition!

That’s not to mention all the broadcast equipment that goes into making sure audiences around the world can watch the heart-pounding action. This makes up another sizeable application for our power distribution boxes here at Rubber Box!

Pop-up events and testing for hospitals

Now, this one isn’t quite on the same scale as the others, but we’d argue that it’s equally important, in all the ways that count! In this case, our rubber boxes provided the infrastructure to help various local hospitals stage pop-up events, raising awareness and education about key health issues, as well as providing on-site testing. We’ve had plenty of experience in supplying our rubber boxes for these sorts of small-scale distribution networks before, and were happy to help out!

They’re all great examples of how our rubber boxes can be used to support almost any size of event, from small local affairs to legendary global competitions. So the question is – how could they help your business? Here at Rubber Box our engineers have years of experience behind them, so we’re happy to provide any specialist expertise or advice you may need while picking out your own electrical distribution equipment. You can request a quote, or give us a call on 01282 677 910!

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