How to fix some of the most common problems with theatre lighting

In the world of theatre, lighting is up there as one of the most important parts of a successful production. However, at the same time, it can also be one of the most problematic, and unless you’ve got plans to deal with some of the most common issues, it may end up being curtains for your performances. So, from keeping your lights quiet, to making their operation much easier with power distros, here we’ve listed the most common problems with theatre lighting and what to do to fix them.

Getting the right lighting for different settings

If you’re putting on a stage show that’s also going to be televised, you need to adjust your lighting accordingly. Otherwise you’ll run the risk of lens glare, flaring and even flickering that can make a TV broadcast almost unwatchable.

The fix:

Whether you’re experienced or a novice with theatre lighting, it’s worth brushing up on the Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI). This will tell you what you need to know to get the right lights for your live shows, without compromising on the quality of the production itself.


Keeping your lighting silent

LED lighting in particular needs to operate at a specific temperature to provide the best output – which means cooling fans are generally required. However, what you don’t want is a rumbling hum in the background to distract the audience when they’re trying to enjoy a show.

The fix:

While you can’t avoid using these cooling fans, you can be smart with how you use them. This means that you need to purchase lighting rigs that come with fans that can change speeds. This way you can speed them up or slow them down to match the noise levels of the performance.

Putting too much stress on the tech team

The lighting rigs and fixtures you use are only as good as the team that installs and operates them, and vast amounts of gear constantly being installed and moved around on a daily basis can take its toll on your crew. This can then lead to potential issues and even errors during performances.

The fix…

What you need to do is make sure you invest in fixtures and tech that can be easily packed away and stored. Equally for any older equipment you should at least get some decent flight cases that makes shifting them more straightforward.

You may even want to go one step further here and simplify the electrical setup, which could reduce the time it takes your crew to get your lighting sorted. One way to do this would be with new power distros that can do away with need the for multiple power outlets. An added bonus is this tech can bring an extra layer of safety to your operations – providing you purchase quality devices from a dependable provider.

This is something we can help with as we have a huge range of such equipment here at Rubber Box. Our teams can also advise on which tech would be right for your specific lighting needs, so if you want to contact us to learn more, you can either call us on 01282 677 910, or simply email Alternatively, you can browse our online range and get a quote via our website today.

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