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How to plan making your event more sustainable

A successful event takes a lot of careful planning, whether it’s a corporate event or a music concert. Naturally, amongst the first things you’ll need include a reliable, high-quality network of power distros, as well as marketing and sales plans that get your event noticed, and a secure and safe place to hold it. Increasingly, more and more people are drawn to events that are as sustainable as possible, so to make sure your attendance remains high (and save the planet as you do it), we’ve listed some handy advice below!

Make smarter use of your vehicles

Vehicles are one of the main polluters on our planet, so it’s essential to use them smartly and minimise the damage they cause. For most event organisers, this means not using more vehicles than you really have to. It makes more sense, from an ecological and a financial viewpoint, to use a larger capacity vehicle than two or three smaller capacity vehicles. Also plan where you are going to pick up and drop off supplies and equipment, as you may then be able to reduce the number of journeys taken.

Greener energy generation

A steady and reliable energy source is one of the most important things for any event, and thankfully it’s possible to achieve that without having to compromise on environmental issues. Our electricity and power supply solutions are both efficient and scalable, which means they are ideal for a sustainable energy operation. You won’t be producing and then wasting energy that you don’t really need, and their modular approach means that you can easily add extra power when you need it rather than having to use different suppliers and making extra journeys.

Promoting sustainability

An event is a perfect place to promote sustainable living, so you can invite people or organisations who are allied to green causes or distribute flyers about the importance of combating man-made climate change. It’s also a good idea to offset your carbon output during the event and to encourage others to do the same. There are many ways you can do this, from clearing litter to planting trees or making a financial donation to eco-charities or organisations that are involved in educating people about green issues.

Generating energy efficiently and with scalability by using our expert solutions, promoting sustainability and taking positive actions that offset carbon losses, and using fewer vehicles can all help to make your event more sustainable. Other measures you could take are reducing the amount of paper used, or only using recycled materials, and making your event a plastic-free zone. It also makes sense to reuse or repurpose as many things as possible from the event, and the combination of these affirmative actions can create an event that’s green and good for our planet, as well as being enjoyable for all in attendance.

And when it comes to forming the power network for your event, you’re in exactly the right place. You can shop our wide range of power distros and electrical distribution equipment right here on our site, or alternatively give us a call on 01282 677 910, and our experts will be happy to advise on the best power distros for you.

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