How to prevent electrical outlets from overheating

You don’t need a tonne of electrical engineering knowledge to know that when an electrical outlet is overheating, it’s bad news. Outlets aren’t meant to get hot either, so if you encounter one that’s clearly giving off heat, then something has gone wrong and it can be very dangerous. However, this scenario can be avoided by using them correctly and by having the right equipment for managing your power. Here, the experts at Rubber Box have explained everything you need to know:

What can cause them to overheat?

There are many reasons why electrical outlets can overheat, what follows are some of the most common causes:

• Loose connections – a tight connection is needed between the wires in an electrical outlet and if this loosens it affects the flow of the current which can then lead to overheating.

• Corrosion and damage – corrosion and/or other damage to wires or contacts in an outlet can lead to increased electrical resistance and subsequent overheating.

• Moisture – if conductive moisture gets into an outlet, it can cause the electrical current to flow to other places and make the outlet overheat.

• Overloading – this can happen if you try to run too many devices or appliances and draw a level of current that goes beyond the outlet’s limit.

What can happen if they overheat?

An overheating electrical outlet can cause the casing around the internal wiring and the outside casing to burn and melt, causing an unpleasant acrid smell. However, if they get too hot, they can also cause electrical fires, or potentially they can cause electric shocks. In short, it’s potentially very hazardous.

How to avoid this…

There are a number of approaches to take to help avoid your electrical outlets overheating. You can:

Have the wiring checked

The wiring in your home or business can be affected by wear and tear – especially in older buildings – so it’s worth getting an electrician to check it and if needs be, have new, modern wiring installed.

Avoid overloading

When powering your devices and appliances you should be smart with how much you’re running through one outlet. If you can, avoid using multiple power strips on one socket and try to spread the plugs around your rooms. This then prevents dangerous overloading.

Get your appliances inspected

Sometimes it can be your appliances (especially those that use a lot of power) that are the problem, more specifically dodgy plugs that overheat and then cause your outlets to overheat. So again, get these inspected by an electrician to make sure they’re running and working okay.

Use dependable electrical equipment

While you can’t control things like wear and tear, you can mitigate the chances of it happening. By this we mean having and using quality outlets, power distros, sockets, plugs and all manner of electrical equipment that are less likely to break or become damaged.

Get your equipment up to the right standard

With the above final point, if you’re not sure where to look for things like dependable power distribution equipment, be sure to take a look at the range we have available online. We’re sure to have the right options to safely power your devices, appliances and tech, so get a quote today or if you want to speak to us directly call us on 01282 677 910 or email and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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