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Industry Insights: Power Distribution For Private Events

As we round off our series of blogs focusing on the various industries and events we serve, this week we’re talking about weddings and other private parties. It’s quite a broad category, and in its own way highly distinct from the other industries we serve here at Rubber Box – so our approach to these events is accordingly flexible.

About The Events

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First up, it’s important for us to establish something: we’re not talking about corporate events here, but informal, intimate gatherings, usually involving marquees or other temporary structures. As we mentioned above, it’s a fairly large umbrella category that can mean anything from weddings to birthday parties to even religious or cultural celebrations – for example, coming-of-age ceremonies or national holidays.

Generally, we’re not talking events on the same scale as music festivals or marinas as we’ve discussed in previous entries. Having said that though, the power demands can still be surprisingly substantial; the number of guests can range from anything around 40-50 all the way up to several hundred.

Because of the number of people involved, usually the events are held in reasonably wide-open spaces. This can be the grounds of a venue like a hotel – in which case our power distros can draw their power from the mains supply – somewhere slightly more remote. In the latter case, a mobile power source like a generator is required. However, we find it’s far more common (and easier) for many people to them to have their celebration in easy reach of a mains power supply.

About Our Power Distribution Systems

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Our distros provide power to all sorts of utilities and systems. Just a few of them can include:

  • Catering (for cooking facilities, refrigeration or freezers)
  • DJ equipment (speakers, mixers and other sound equipment)
  • Disco lights, glitter balls and smoke machines
  • Bouncy castles (in the shape of children’s birthday parties)
  • Attractions and talking points (for example, the universally-beloved chocolate fountain)
  • Screens and projectors (for the life story highlights of the happy couple – or birthday boy or girl)

Of course, not all of these are necessarily all in use throughout the celebrations, but we still make sure that our power distros have the diversity to meet the demand. All of our rubber boxes are also outfitted with powerful and reliable safety systems that prevent the danger of electrocution to anyone handling them. Your safety is our absolute priority here at Rubber Box – we know that sometimes drinks get spilled, and things knocked over. Obviously it’s a good thing to avoid, but you can rest assured that if it does happen, our rubber boxes are designed to simply trip out rather than risk delivering a lethal electric shock. You’re in good hands!

Reliability is also a major factor in the design of our power distros. Even though these types of events are informal, we take them just as seriously as our corporate or festival clients. We understand that the celebrations are sometimes emotional and always special, and you won’t want to be distracted from them by unnecessary power outages

This far in the series we’ve covered music festivals, sporting events, marinas, corporate events and private parties. They’re great examples of the main sectors we serve, but they’re far from the only ones! Whatever your event or requirements, you can be certain that our engineers at Rubber Box will bring you quality, safety and reliability in one easy package. You can browse our full range of products here or alternatively, if you’re thinking about a bespoke distro you can click here to request a quote.

As ever, if you need any help or advice we’re only a phone call away on 01282 677910. We’re here to help!

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