Key Considerations For Your Remote Firework Display

This weekend sees one of the nation’s most anticipated events: Bonfire Night! As well as the bonfires the name might suggest, it’s also a night for some fantastic firework displays. Though these have traditionally been set off by hand, more and more people are choosing to set them off remotely, with use of an electrical system carefully crafted for the purpose. As natural engineers here at Rubber Box, we understand the appeal! However, in the interests of safety, we’ve got a few suggestions as to what you might wish to consider before you get started on your launch.

Core Characteristics Of Firework Circuits


There are several advantages to using a remote ignition system to set off fireworks displays – they’re just a few of the reasons that such systems are becoming more and more common. For starters, it allows organisers to set off fireworks from much longer and safer distances, and removes much of the physical risk in setting off a rapid chain firing of fireworks. What’s more, it enables the organisers themselves to sit back, relax and enjoy their own display, rather than worrying about how to hand-light the next lot of fireworks.

Having said that, if you are thinking about setting up a remotely-operated firework display, here are the main things to bear in mind. The ‘electric match’ – in other words, the primary ignition component – is impact-sensitive. This means that it requires exceptionally careful handling; if you drop it, your fireworks might well set themselves off prematurely, which can be incredibly dangerous if people are unprepared.

It’s also worth noting that the electric matches are sensitive to induced currents like those produced by alternating electromagnetic fields in transformers and high-voltage power lines, as well as a variety of smaller installations. Essentially, if you want to ensure complete safety at your display, you need to make sure that the ignition system itself is as isolated as possible.

How Our Electrical Distribution Equipment Can Help


Here at Rubber Box, we construct our products with an inbuilt scalability – which means that however big or small you want your display to be, you can count on our power distros to fit seamlessly into your circuit. On the safety side, all of our electrical distribution equipment here at Rubber Box is fitted with a number of safety features as standard – and upon request we can even add more, such as MCBs and RCDs. Most customers find our existing measures more than enough for their purposes, but as ever, our engineers are only too happy to advise in each individual case.

We serve a huge range of industries here at Rubber Box, and many of our customers can attest to the sheer versatility of our products. Whatever you need your power distribution boxes for, you can count on Rubber Box to provide them! You can browse our range of rubber power distro boxes , and if you have any questions or need any advice you can chat to a friendly member of our team by calling 01282 677910.

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