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New Product Line In Your Hands!

At Rubber Box it’s your needs that come first. That’s why we’re getting you, our customers, to decide on our latest product addition to the Rubber Box website.

These new hoist control enclosures, outlined below in the diagram, were originally built for a long-standing customer. Our particular customers required a higher quality product than their existing units and so came to us here at Rubber Box for help. While this hoist control enclosure was originally designed for the company in question, we saw a huge benefit in making it accessible to a wider audience – believing that many of you could benefit from its design. Whether it makes our range of standard Off the Shelf Product Range though is completely up to you…

The design

The Type 185 box was fitted with the following features to ensure a durable, powerful design:

  • 1 x 19 pin Male Socapex
  • 1 x 19 pin Female Socapex
  • 4 x 16A 415V 3PH+E Sockets (4 pin)
  • 4 x 16A 110V 3PH+E Appliance Inlets (4pin)
  • 2 x Lightweight Half Couplers (Truss Clamps )
  • 1 x Safety Cable

Together, these features offer something none of our other products do – which is why we think you may well like to see it on the site. You can vote below.

Make your opinion count

Most of the products you find on the Rubber Box website, especially the newer ones, have been created by popular demand. While our Bespoke Distro service allows you to have a box manufactured to your individual requirements, it also gives us an insight into what you need most. With insight into your biggest needs and on-the-job obstacles, we’re able to create products that you’ll love and distros that are invaluable on a job

Do keep telling us what matters to you by contacting us or submitting your Bespoke Distro request to us. You opinion really matters.

If you can think of it we can build it...

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