how we do things at rubber Box: our manufacturing process

The Manufacturing Process Of Our Power Distribution Boxes

We understand that not everyone is technically minded, but that doesn’t stop some of our customers from getting curious about exactly what goes into making our power distribution boxes. That’s why this week on the blog, we’re giving you an inside peek what sort of processes we use at Rubber Box, as well as how those processes ultimately translate to fantastic products for you.

Putting Your Power Distro Box Together


As you’ll know if you’ve ever purchased from us before, we actually design your Rubber Box at the quote stage, so you can see what you’re getting before we get right into things. Once we receive your order, we get cracking on the paperwork. Part of this process involves sending you an acknowledgement, confirming your order and specifying a delivery date. When the paperwork is all done, we send your order through to the workshop. Our CNC operator then draws out the box using Computer Aided Design, cutting out the configuration as per the design specs on the quote.

Whilst the box is being cut out, we take the components out of stock and give them to one of our wiremen. When the rubber box itself is ready, the wireman receives it and proceeds to assemble the components into it. Once this has been completed and it’s all been put together, your rubber box goes on to our test area. There, it undergoes a series of rigorous tests to ensure that all wiring is correct, there is no failure of components, and essentially that it matches up to the exacting standards of quality we hold here at Rubber Box. Once we’re satisfied that’s the case, we label it up with test stickers and voltage labels, before sending it onto the final stage of packing. Our carrier collects the parcel, and will generally have it to you by the next day.

The Way We Do Things At Rubber Box

Power Distribution Boxes

All bespoke orders we handle follow this process, apart from standard products which are put into stock rather than sent straight out. The materials we use are mainly components that we buy from other manufacturers, which we then incorporate into our power distros. This includes things like inlets, outlets, breakers and meters. By sourcing these rather than manufacturing them, it allows us to give our full attention to the power distro boxes themselves, ensuring that we deliver a reliable, functional and high-quality product to you every single time.

We don’t use conveyor belts or similar manufacturing methods here at Rubber Box. Instead what we do is give your product to one of our staff, who then works on it from start to finish. This way, we can ensure that each one of our power distribution boxes is the product of personal pride and responsibility. In other words, individual work like this gives our workers more job satisfaction, automatically making them more conscientious and productive and therefore guaranteeing you a quality finished product.

Providing Power To You

As we’ve mentioned, almost all of our orders follow this process – the only real variation in each order arises from the quantities or components in question. For larger orders we may sometimes have two or three people working on the same order, so that we can guarantee it’s finished on schedule but without sacrificing any of the quality.

Feel free to browse our full range of power distro boxes to get a better idea of what we’re talking about, or alternatively you can order a bespoke power distro to your exact personal specifications. If you ever need any help or advice, we’re only a phone call away on 01282 677 910

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