Power Distribution Solutions For Autumn Events

Power Distribution Solutions For Autumn Events

While the days are getting shorter and the weather’s turning chilly, autumn isn’t time to sit back and relax in the events and entertainment industry.

The autumn-winter season is a busy time for events – Diwali, Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving and, of course, all things festive – so it’s important to make sure your dark days are properly powered up with a suitable power distribution solution.

Most of our standard power distribution boxes work well as part of a cascade system, running from 400A down to 16A or 13A, so let’s take a look at some examples…

Concerts and gigs

Power Distribution Solutions For Autumn Events

Large outdoor events like concerts use powerful generators that feed portable power distribution boxes at 400A 3Phase Incoming – perhaps one for lighting, one for sound and one for everything else.

The 400A boxes can be fed down to some of our Type 270H boxes at 63A 3Phase Incoming, such as RUB270H1, RUB270H2 or RUB270H3 or Type 400 box at 125A 3Phase Incoming, such as RUB4001.

Those boxes can then drop down to either 32A 3Phase (RUB185H6RUBTR5RUBTR6) or 32A Single phase (RUB1851RUBTR1) or both, eventually reaching boxes at 16A Incoming and 13A sockets (RUBTR3RUB1401).

A complete setup would also require various bespoke portable power distribution boxes to run specific items or areas, which our tech team will be happy to advise on.


Fireworks displays

Power Distribution Solutions For Autumn Events

Despite the impressive results, firework displays are relatively small affairs when it comes to power distribution.

A 32A 3Phase Incoming (RUBTR5 or RUBTR6RUB1852) would normally cover most events comfortably, splitting down to a 32A Single phase (RUB1851RUB1408) and 16A Single phase (RUB1401 – RUB971).

For larger events like Bonfire Night blow-outs and New Year spectaculars, the incoming supply may increase to 63A or 125A 3Phase, while all switchgear for pyrotechnics would require bespoke power distribution boxes.


Christmas markets and ice rinks

christmas markets

There’s a lot to be said about walking in a winter wonderland, not least how much power it takes to keep everything looking snowy and festive.

Rubber Box looks after a number of customers whose mission it is to turn city centres into fantastic festive spaces such as Christmas markets and ice rinks.

The power distribution solutions for Christmas market stalls will vary depending on the size of the stall and its power requirements – anything from a 63A 3Phase (RUB270H3) down to a 16A or 13A Single phase PDU (RUBTR3 and RUB1401) could do the trick.

An ice rink, on the other hand, will always take a lot of power – think of it as a giant freezer!Something like our 400A 3Phase distros – like the RUB4202 – would be a good choice to keep things suitably chilly.

Want to talk bespoke power distros for your autumn events? Our tech team is happy to help – call 01282 677910 for a chat.

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