Another Happy Customer: Bespoke Power Distros

Supplying power distros to a pioneering sound and audio company in the North West

Some of our customers come to us with very specific requirements. Our engineers are only too happy to get stuck in.

At Rubber Box, no one does power distribution like we do. Besides our extensive range of products, we also pride ourselves on being able to provide systems to meet any specification, and our staff of highly qualified experts means that there is no brief beyond the limits of our technical expertise. In this week’s blog, we take a moment to look at one such case of a client who came to us with highly specialised requirements, and the bespoke distribution box we created to meet them.

The Client

The client is a pioneering sound and audio company based in the North West. As one of the UK’s leaders in its field, it has a variety of high-profile clients in the entertainment industry, with big names from the X Factor being amongst their most recognisable clients.

The Challenge

The company’s renowned reputation extends beyond Britain’s borders, and they often find themselves in international demand. Therefore, they also frequently find themselves confronted by the challenge of differing between the European and American power systems. As the two main designs for electrical distribution systems, in many ways they are very much alike: cables, conductors, insulators, surge arrestors, regulators and transformers are all similar between both systems. They are also both radial, and once again similar in terms of voltages and power carrying capabilities. However, they have significant technical differences in terms of their setup and design. What’s more, the strengths and weaknesses of their respective primary and secondary voltages mean that different power distro boxes are often required to cater to each one. Because of this, the client company found itself faced with the prospect of having to ship different equipment around the world for each tour. They decided this didn’t make economic sense, so they turned to the Rubber Box team with a solution.

The Solution

They suggested the design for a bespoke power distribution box that could convert voltage from European to American for world tours. The client themselves came up with the idea, and our engineers pooled their collective technical knowledge into the distro’s design, meeting the customer’s exact specifications. The result was a multi-tapped isolating transformer distribution system that allowed the client’s equipment to be taken on world tours without needing to provide two different sets of it. Our multi-tap transformer now provides sufficient flexibility in input and output voltage requirements to account for the difference between European and American systems, making it an efficient and versatile piece of kit: invaluable to any sound engineer.

The Results

For obvious reasons, we always urge our customers not to try and fix our products themselves – instead, we offer regular support and technical advice as standard, so if anything goes wrong with your equipment we’ll always be on hand to help. This client was no different, and we continue to keep in touch with them, so that our experts can provide assistance when needed.

“We’ve got a great relationship with Rubber Box.” said a spokesman for the client company. “The service is always as good as we’ve come to expect, and they always endeavour to help support us with our products. We’d definitely recommend them to anyone else.”

If you need any systems designing or any specific power distribution needs, give us a call on 01282 677910 and one of our team will be only too happy to discuss your needs. If you can think of it, we can build it.

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