We’ve Got The Power: How We Meet Industry Challenges

We’ve Got The Power: How We Meet Industry Challenges

We at Rubber Box have been in the business of power supply for a long time. We provide power to countless industries – occasionally on huge scales. Though each job is different, we’ve learned how to tackle some of the most common difficulties that occasionally crop up, while also making sure we’re well within regulatory rules and guidelines.

Working With People

We’ve Got The Power: How We Meet Industry Challenges

A huge part of our business at Rubber Box is dealing with bespoke projects, so it’s vital that we remain a customer-oriented business that sells customer-driven products. Our process is simple: you explain what you need, and we’ll get to work on how we can build it. We’ve built our business on our ability to meet incredibly specific requirements, creatively exercising our knowledge and pooling our technical expertise when necessary to create bespoke solutions that perform exactly as you need them to.

We’ve built power distros for customers in various industries, ranging from small local festivals and TV studios to massive national celebrations and performances. Accordingly, the technical skills of our customers vary, so we make sure that all of our engineers are capable of explaining things in straightforward, no-nonsense terms if the need arises.

Our process generally involves multiple steps, so that we can both effectively communicate our capabilities with our customers, and make sure that we fully understand the requirements of the proposed distribution system. This is also a good way to anticipate and deal with any changes in the design – we often have either one or two revisions of the initial idea, but rarely as many as three. What’s more, if enough of our customers happen to request the same power distro, we will consider selling it as standard on our website, adapting and responding to market demands.

Working To The Time and Scale

time scales

The industries of our clients often have their own distinguishing characteristics, which means that we have to be ready to respond to them at a moment’s notice. For example, the nature of the events industry sometimes means abrupt changes in schedules or locations, which in turn often forces our events customers to come to us with eleventh-hour projects, for example to build a system that better fits with the environment of the new location. We’ve adapted our processes and the structure of our workforce to anticipate these demands wherever possible, and ultimately meet them in a timely fashion. For example, our bespoke solution for the Rio Olympics was completed – and deployed – within a matter of mere weeks.

Working Within The Law

legal challenges

We carefully monitor for any changes in UK or international law – whether it refers to products or practice – so that at all times we’re working well within established technical regulations and complying with European standards. For example, we strictly abide by the BS 7909 regulations (which consist of guidelines for temporary power systems at events), and we’re fully up to date with the technical regulations laid out by the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting. Safety is paramount to everything we do, and so we’re extremely careful not to let our standards lapse.

Working With You

Over the years, we’ve perfected our methods and techniques to provide a high-end bespoke service that’s envied the world over. Learn how we can put this expertise to work for you, by calling us on 01282 677 910. Alternatively, you can click here to get a free quote.

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