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A quick look back at this year’s Frankfurt Prolight and Sound Show

Here at Rubber Box we’re already getting our heads together thinking about how what we’re going to do for next year’s Frankfurt Prolight and Sound show. It seems mad really, as we’ve only barely finished the first one! 2018’s Frankfurt show was held in early April over the course of three days, from the 2nd to the 5th of April. A couple of lucky members of the Rubber Box team were shipped out to the German city for the show – here’s a bit about what it was like!

What is the Frankfurt Prolight and Sound show?

Essentially, it’s an international trade event for event and media technology, a sector which fits squarely within our remit here at Rubber Box. The hardy construction and versatile design of our power distribution equipment makes it valuable for a number of technical applications – they’re routinely used to power speakers, screens, amplifiers, pyrotechnics and complex lighting setups. And that’s just a sample of what they can do!

With all that in mind, the exhibitors, journalists and visitors of the Prolight and Sound show were often in the perfect market for us. Technical directors, procurement managers and lighting designers are just a few examples of the professional attendees, which gave us plenty of opportunity for us to give visitors to our stand an excellent idea of what our power distros can (and do) achieve.

The venue itself was absolutely stunning, positively dizzying in scale. It’s about three or four storeys high, with hundreds of stalls in sprawling halls on each floor. In total there were thousands of companies in attendance, with many more visitors. It was a truly amazing place, full of amazing people – there was a great friendly, communal atmosphere between the various companies, even though some were direct competitors. (Here at Rubber Box we made particular friends with the company in the next stall, over the course of those few days!)

And the best news, of course, was that we got a vast amount of interest from potential customers in our power distros and electrical distribution equipment. We’re already seeing some fantastic sales!

We’re expanding our international customer base

One of the key design features of our rubber boxes is that they’re scalable, and easily adapted for use overseas. It’s part of what makes them so versatile, and it means that we can consistently provide our international customers with the same quality products and brilliant customer service that our UK customers have come to expect. We don’t use any middlemen either, preferring to ship our boxes direct to locations all across the globe, in places like Europe, Asia, the Americas, and even as far as the Middle East.

In fact, our overseas projects have seen some of our biggest successes to date – with more set to come later this year! A major television network has purchased a range of electrical power equipment from us to prepare for the World Cup in Russia this year. And that’s not the only thing we’ve got in store…

As we continue making plans for next year’s Frankfurt show – as well as preparing for the other international projects we have in the pipeline for 2018 – why not browse our huge selection of power distros and audio breakout boxes? If you ever need any help or expert advice, a member of our team is only a phone call away on 01282 677 910!

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