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A Quick Look At The Events Industries We Serve At Rubber Box

At risk of patting ourselves on the back, we’re good at what we do here at Rubber Box. Our power distros are not only effective, but versatile too, which goes some way to explaining why we serve so many industries. Today’s blog is the first in our series telling you a bit about some of those industries, and how our products fulfil our clients’ specific needs.

Rubber Boxes For Music Festivals

music festival stage

If you’ve even read just one or two of our other blogs here at Rubber Box, you’ll probably be aware that we often use ‘events’ as our go-to whenever we’re using a practical example of our work. There’s a good reason for that: clients from the events industry make up a huge chunk of our customer base.

Of this customer base, a good proportion of these customers are officials and organisers of music festivals. It’s not hard to see why. Music festivals need a lot of power, they need it to be reliable, and what’s more they’re often in the middle of nowhere. Rolling hills and open fields aren’t known for their electrical infrastructure, so portable power is an absolute must. (This is also where the IP ratings of our power distribution boxes come in handy, by the way.) There’s no shortage of things to power, either. Regardless of the size of the festival, there will always be microphones, sound systems and catering to account for, and that’s at the very least.

Another reason why music festivals need portable power is that they need to set up and set down quickly. Often, they take place on private land, which means they have a deadline to get themselves packed up and out of there by a certain date or time. For smaller festivals, this might be a maximum of 48 hours after the last visitor has left to take down marquees and tidy away cables into waiting vans. On the other hand, larger festivals can take weeks or even months to carefully deconstruct sound stages, take apart fairground rides and thoroughly litter-pick the fields.

Rubber Boxes Get Sporting Events Up And Running

power distribution for sports events

Another industry that comes under the heading of ‘events’ is sports. We’ve talked before about the time we supplied rubber boxes for the Olympics, but not all of our clients are on that big of a scale. Though press rooms in broadcasting houses are obviously pretty much sorted out in terms of their power supply, often our boxes are needed on the site of the athletics themselves.

This is so, for example, journalists can conduct interviews with the competitors by the side of the track, rather than having to try and ship them all the way back to the broadcasting buildings. (This is just the way the news and sporting outlets like things as well, as it allows them all an equal shot at having a quick chat with the athletes.)

Of course, this is just a sample of some of the industries we serve. To read in more detail about some of the others, make sure to catch our blog post next week! In the meantime, for all your power distribution needs feel free to browse our product range, or call us on 01282 677 910 to talk to us about your requirements for a bespoke distro. We’re here to help!

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