The answers to our January quiz.


1. Excluding Cables & Y-Cords, how many different standard boxes do we hold in stock?

Answer: 58, but if you include the Halogen Handlamp on the price list it would be 59 so either would have been accepted.

2. The British Assessment Bureau recently awarded us which certification?

Answer: ISO9001

3. How many hours do we aim to respond to an enquiry for a quotation?

Answer: 24 hours

4. What does RCBO stand for?

Answer: Residual Current Breaker with Overload or Overcurrent.

5. In the event of a short circuit which would trip first, a C curve MCB or D curve MCB?

Answer: Both should trip at the same time

6. What is the IP rating of our rubber enclosures?

Answer: IP65

7. What does AC & DC stand for in electrical circuits?

Answer: Alternating Current – Direct Current.

8. What does a transformer do?

Answer: Converts voltage.

9. What voltage are yellow sockets?

Answer: 110v or 100v-130v

10. How many RCBOs are fitted to the RUBTR6?

Answer: 6

Question 1 tripped up quite a lot of people as there are 62 pictures of different standards on our website but 4 of them are repeated. For Question 8 we found a pattern where the Google interpretation was pasted into the answer – “A transformer transfers energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction”. Although this is correct, “Changes voltage“ would have sufficed. Question 5 was the tricky one. The curve on an MCB relates to inrush current capacity and would have no bearing on trip time under short circuit conditions.

Rubber Box would like to thank everyone for their entries, we had an overwhelming response. We didn’t need to do a draw for the winner as there was only one person who gave 10 correct answers! Congratulations to Adam Hornblow, from Performance Sound & Light of Basingstoke. One of our RUB1401s will be with you by the time this goes out. Well done Adam!

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