On The Road With Rack Mounted Power Distribution

On The Road With Rack Mounted Power Distribution

Here at Rubber Box, we supply customers all over the world with a huge variety of power distribution solutions. Today, we’re taking a look at a particular favourite in our bespoke power distribution range: cleverly designed and compact rack mounted PDUs.

Rack Mounted Power Distribution 101

A rack mounted power distribution unit (PDU) is a power distro that’s designed to fit neatly into a server rack.

Rack mounted PDUs come in a huge variety of sizes and configurations, depending on what they’re being used for – you can customise per voltage and current, and number and type of connections, and add in extra functionalities such as remote access and monitoring.

At Rubber Box, our design and tech team is always up for a bit of customisation. Our bespoke power distribution solutions have helped power up some huge events, from Formula 1 to the Olympics, so it’s safe to say our power distribution racks can withstand the pressure to perform!

Rack Mounted Power Distribution

Hit The Road

When you’re out on the road and you need to be 100% prepared for the event you’re working on, there’s no room for mistakes.

Our compact custom rack mount distros come with back boxes from 16A 2U to full 19” 400A units, and can be mounted either in traditional flight cases or in our 16U or 24U weather-proof Powercases, for extra durability during travel, set up and use – extra protection for extra performance.

Safety as priority

Rack mounted power distribution racks aren’t just an effective way to get your power supply sorted – they’ll help you keep your Health and Safety standards up, too. Trailing cables and plugs are a serious hazard, particularly in outdoor or high traffic areas, and a rack panel power distro box will help prevent accidents from occurring.

Our custom rack panel distribution systems are made to exact requirements and carefully configured to fit right where you need them. They’re designed with user safety in mind, with tough, impact and moisture resistant (IP rated) enclosures, as well as double insulation and full overload protection.

A number of our newer and older off the shelf power distros have been updated to feature RCBOs, which have become a far more affordable option, and our bespoke rack mounted distros can – of course – be customised to include this same superior level of protection.

On The Road With Rack Mounted Power Distribution

Tell us about the custom rack panel distro you need

Here at Rubber Box, our inspiration comes from our customers’ individual needs, which is why it’s always worth getting in touch with us if you’re in need of electrical power distribution boxes.

If we’ve not built it yet (and our in-stock power distros are pretty extensive), there’s a good chance we can – and if it turns out to be a sought-after design, we’ll consider making it more widely available: that’s a big part of how we maintain our position as a leading supplier to the events and entertainment industry.

On top of that, we’re ISO 9001 certified for quality management, which is our way of demonstrating our commitment to consistently good customer service. Talk to our design and quote team today for free, in-depth technical guidance on the bespoke power distribution rack unit you need.

Contact our tech team today on 01282 677910 to find out more about our custom rack panel distribution systems.

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