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RUB4201 gets an upgrade

Once a Rubber Box product hits the shelves, it doesn’t just get forgotten. At Rubber Box, we continually evaluate all our products, looking for ways we can improve them and act on feedback. That’s exactly why we’ve upgraded and improved our RUB4201.

The upgrade sees the removal of the MCB & RCD per phase and the addition of new and improved earth leakage protection. The RUB4201 used to have fixed 30ma RCDs, but these have now been replaced with a Variable RCD – ensuring optimum safety and performance.

Thanks to all our new improvements, users of the RUB4201 will now benefit from extra versatility and a product that delivers its best yet. What’s more, all these enhancements come with a reduction in cost – so you’ll be saving some pennies on the new and improved RUB4201 too!

If you have any questions about the product, give our team a call on 01282 677910. And if you have any feedback on any of the other Rubber Box distros, drop an email to info@rubberbox.co.uk

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