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The Rubber Box competition – Results are in!

Remember our competition last month to win a Rubber Box distro? Well the entries have been flooding in and the Rubber Box judging panel have been sifting through the photos and stories. Finally we’ve decided upon a deserving winner.

“Is it me?” we hear you ask.

Well today we can announce the winner of our Rubber Box distro competition is Production Science – A global company who offer technology production support for live events, interactive installations and more.

The competition: A reminder

If you can take a trip down memory lane, you may remember that to be in with a chance of winning the competition, you had to send us a photo of your Rubber Box distro. Not just any photo though, that would be far too easy. We wanted to see you using your Rubber Box distro in harsh, extreme environments. We wanted proof of its lasting power in the most intense and severe conditions.

Rubber Box, coming out trumps!

We’ve got to say; even we were impressed by some of the entries that came in. Again, they were formidable proof of the robustness and quality of our products. However, one entrant stood out amongst all others; the entry from the team at Production Science.

The winner’s story

The caption added to their winning photo was more than appropriate. It said ‘Is this waterlogged enough for you?!’ To which our response was most definitely!

By now you’re probably wondering where on earth the Production Science team had been using our Rubber Box distros and what they’d been doing with them. We’ll stop holding you in suspense now, and reveal the story behind the team’s winning entry.

Being a global company, Production Science regularly use their Rubber Box distros in the desert in the Middle East. In fact, it’s not uncommon for them to be using the distros during extreme weather conditions such as monsoon season in India – which is where the image of our waterlogged, fully working distro was taken.

Proof of our lasting power in the most extreme of conditions

The lovely team at Production Science didn’t just praise our product reliability in monsoon conditions. They also told us that Rubber Box distros had been used by a number of colleagues during the Winter Olympics, the Summer Olympics, and just about any other conditions you can imagine – and they were still yet to have a problem! Well that’s a cracking testimonial for us at Rubber Box and one that we’re very pleased to hear about!

Now the competition is over, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep sending us your success stories. We love to hear about the adventures of our Rubber Boxes and what you’ve been putting them through. So do keep us in the loop at

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