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Rubber Box helps to save a Fleetwood Mac concert

We think it’s fair to say that even if you’re not a fan, you’ve probably heard of the music phenomenon that is Fleetwood Mac. Though they started all the way back in the 1960s, the group is still touring and recording new music today, and by all accounts, they still have a very popular following. There was a minor panic just before one of their most recently scheduled performances involving, of course, the venue’s power distribution systems. Thankfully, our top-notch service and next-day delivery enabled our team at Rubber Box to help resolve it!

How the show almost went terribly wrong

Sometimes, crucial pieces of equipment fail at exactly the wrong time. It’s happened to all of us at least once, whether that’s at work or home, and it’s a common situation faced by many of the customers who end up calling us at Rubber Box. This was certainly amongst the most high-profile of these incidents, though! When we got the call from the concert’s organisers, the venue was ready and the band was booked. Everything was prepared for the concert date (which was coming up in less than a week), when a vital part of the existing power distribution system failed. With the date fast approaching, the event staff were given less than five days to find a replacement distribution system, and that’s when they ended up calling our technicians here at Rubber Box.

Without a working power distribution system, obviously it’s very likely that the organisers would have had to cancel the concert. Given the popularity of Fleetwood Mac and the scale of their following, the consequences could have been potentially devastatingly expensive. There would have been significant reputation damage for the venue, and they would have been left with some extremely unhappy ticket holders, almost all of whom they would likely have had to refund.

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Rubber Box is here to help

Thankfully, when our technicians got the call we were able to quickly pin down exactly what the organisers required, and we had a new rubber box prepared and shipped out to them within 24 hours, and the concert was able to go ahead as planned. Our staff at Rubber Box have plenty of experience working to these kinds of deadlines; our power distros here are commonly used for powering music festivals and similarly huge events, where quick turnarounds like this one are a frequent requirement.

Our systems have also been carefully designed to be scalable and adaptable, both of which enables them to be easily integrated into existing power distribution systems. This in-built versatility is another reason why we were able to help out the Fleetwood Mac organisers on such a tight deadline. Of course, music and events are just some of the industries we cater to here at Rubber Box – others include corporate events to private celebrations and social functions.

Whatever your own power distribution requirements, you can be sure we’ve got what it takes to meet them, as you browse our huge range of rubber boxes and power distros. And if you need a little help working out what you want, you can always give our friendly team a call on 01282 677 910. We’re here to help!

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