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Rubber Box launches new range of power distro flight cases!

The ability to adapt to our customers’ needs is a core aspect of our business here at Rubber Box. It’s why, for example, that in addition to our standard range of power distribution equipment, we also provide options on our website for customers to specify their choice of bespoke power distros. And as the latest example of our commitment to our customers’ needs, we’re thrilled to announce the release of our brand new Rubber Box flight cases; high-tech products suitable for even the most heavy-duty of applications. Allow us to tell you a bit about them!

High-capacity, awesome capability

Essentially, our flight cases are large-scale power distribution boxes that are especially well-suited to applications in the entertainment and sporting industries; two of the biggest sectors we serve here at Rubber Box. The distribution boxes themselves have 19” rack mount availability, with sockets ranging from 8u to 12u to 16u.

The amps and electrical components aren’t encased in rubber like our other standard power distros, but instead are stored in sturdy wheeled frames with a durable black Hexaboard finish, which have a removable front and rear for easy access, and are edged with metal strips for added protection. Overall these flight cases are extremely durable and highly mobile – perfect for particularly demanding or constantly shifting environments (like backstage at a theatre, for example).

Our new Rubber Box flight cases are manufactured to a couple of standard specifications, but in practice almost all individual models are bespoke, tailored to the needs of your industry and the environment in question.

A few common uses for our flight cases

Since our flight cases are designed to be high-capacity versions of our regular rubber boxes, theoretically they can be used for almost any application our smaller rubber boxes would be suitable for. We’ve sold several brand-new flight cases to a number of customers already, and they’re hard at work providing power for music concerts, theatres and football stadiums. Crucially, our flight cases act as a vital component of large-scale setups by distributing energy from key power sources (such as generators or mains electricity) to their final applications; whether that’s lights, catering, display screens or sound equipment.

Where music concerts are concerned, for example, a chief priority for the organisers is to ensure that the band’s equipment is working smoothly, and that the sound quality maintains an exceptionally high standard. For sports matches, meanwhile, the focus may be on drop-down display screens, so that organisers can ensure everyone within the arena can clearly see the action, no matter where they’re sitting. In both instances (just a few of many possible examples), it’s our Rubber Box flight cases that provide the power!

We pride ourselves on providing high quality equipment and the same top-tier service to every single one of our customers, so if you’re thinking about ordering one of these flight cases yourself, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by giving us a call on 01282 677 910!

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