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What Rubber Box Does For Outside Broadcasts And Corporate Events

Yet another instalment in our series enlightening you on the various industries we serve, this week you can get the inside scoop on how our systems serve corporate events and outside broadcasts. Though each of our clients’ industries set up and use our power distros in different ways, they all equally reap the benefits from portable power. Here’s why.

Outside Broadcast Trucks

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Before we get right into this one, we’ll take a quick moment to clarify; an outside broadcast is basically any broadcast that’s made live on-location (so isn’t from a studio). News crews are an easy example, and indeed a good example of the kind of people we serve here at Rubber Box. News teams go where the story is and get the news on the ground, which means that they need to be able to go anywhere at a moment’s notice, and have the power to make the broadcast when they get there. For that, there’s nothing better than portable power, and that’s where our rubber boxes come in.

The OB trucks fulfil multiple functions – not only are they the transport and broadcast units, but using our power distros, they also supply their own power. That means they don’t need generators or mains electricity, giving them the freedom to go almost anywhere, anytime – an invaluable ability for journalists! And that’s just the news side of things; there’s all sorts of potential for an Outside Broadcast truck. Radio sets on location, for example, or pop-up DJ sets. Whether news or entertainment, our rubber boxes are the cogs that keep the wheels of Outside Broadcast trucks turning.

Corporate And Publicity Events


If you’ve got a product or service you want to market to the public, chances are that a public demonstration will give you the exposure you need. Cars are a great example – there’s only so much you can persuade people about its potential if it’s sat in a showroom. They’ll want to see it out on location, with its wheels spinning and its engine roaring. To capture that, you’ll need portable power, which means you’ll need our power distribution boxes; whether you’re organising a pop-up event for the general public and press, or you’re shooting a video ad on a mountain road. Our rubber boxes power lights, cameras, sound, catering… you name it! Public relations events and closed-off production teams are all equally likely clients for us here at Rubber Box.

So that’s communicating to customers. But sometimes, companies just want to blow off a little steam with a team-building or recreation event, and our power distros help there too! In the past, we’ve provided portable power to a corporate paintballing event. In this case, the company wanted to record the action for posterity, so our rubber boxes powered the lights and cameras that had been strategically installed around the arena. This is one of the less common requests we get here at Rubber Box, but it’s just another example of how our products are so extensively used in the corporate sector.

What Can Our Products Do For You?

63a distro box

There’s nothing to say that you have to be firing low-velocity paintballs at your colleagues in order to make good use of the products we offer here at Rubber Box. As you can tell from our series so far on the various industries we serve, they are designed with versatility in mind. Add that to the fact that we can produce bespoke power distros to your specifications, and you’ll see that there’s almost nothing our rubber boxes won’t be able to do for you!

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