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Rubber Box powering on with projects through the pandemic

We’re now well into a brand new year, and with the continued rollout of a vaccine, it finally feels like there’s hope on the horizon. However, for the time being, large-scale events later in the year remain in a state of limbo. As you can imagine, that’s had a noticeable effect on our operations over the past few months here at Rubber Box, as so many of our customers work in industries that require event power distribution. But although sports events are amongst the many types of large-scale events that have been scaled back due to the Covid-19 crisis, there’s still plenty going on – more than enough to keep us busy! Here’s just a sample of some of the projects we’ve completed for some of our recent clients.

McLaren Racing

We’ve long had a close association with motorsport here at Rubber Box, having supplied our rubber boxes and power distribution equipment to Formula One and Formula E in the past. Motorsport is one of the many types of sport which has had to undergo drastic changes this year, but there’s still a notable demand for our rubber boxes – this time from McLaren Racing.

You don’t need to be a racing aficionado to be familiar with McLaren. They’re one of the world’s most prestigious racing teams, with a single stated goal: to win Grand Prix and World Championships. In fact, this British tea is one of the world’s oldest and most successful, second only to Ferrari.

We’ve sent our power distro boxes to the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, Surrey, which serves as the team’s official headquarters. It’s the home of every division of the McLaren Group, including McLaren Racing, McLaren Automotive, and McLaren Applied Limited. Obviously, many aspects of the Group’s operations are highly confidential, so we don’t know exactly what our power distro boxes will be used for, but we’re sure they’ll be put to good use!

QTV Sports

QTV Sports is a Scottish broadcasting company with a highly diverse service – not only does it create broadcast content for its clients, but also curates it, handles the marketing, and formulates long-term strategies. Partially due to this comprehensive skill set, they’re not just prestigious in their native Scotland, but internationally, using innovative strategies and solutions to bring sports to audiences all over the world.

We have plenty of experience in supplying event power distribution boxes to sports broadcasting companies – we’ve even supplied our rubber boxes to the Olympics! QTV Sports had their own expectations of the capabilities of our rubber boxes, and here at Rubber Box, our technicians were happy to oblige.

Turf Lighting

We also recently supplied event power distribution boxes to Turf Lighting. This is a company you might not have heard of before – while they’ve got an international presence, they’ve not got quite the same household name status as McLaren. Based in Norway, Turf Lighting still plays a very important role in helping to bring international sport to your TV screens, though. We’re sure you can guess their main area of expertise – making sure the sports stadiums are appropriately lit, making sure that not only the players can see what they’re doing, but also spectators and commentators can get an unobstructed view of the action, too.


However, Turf Lighting is responsible for even more than that – it’s also entrusted with the reliable operation of the underfloor heating under playing fields. It’s one of those pieces of technology which not many people tend to think about – which is how you know it’s working! It’s especially important in the more wintry seasons of the year, where playing areas are more prone to developing a thicker layer of snow and ice, which can sometimes result in games being called off. Happily, that’s been far less of an issue since the development of this technology.

That’s just a sample of some of our recent work, of course. No matter the size of the client or the scale of the project, we’re committed to delivering the same outstanding quality through our power distribution boxes every single time. You can get started now on exploring some of our products – like our 32A supply power distros – or if you know what you want already, you can always request a quote now! We’re always happy to provide guidance you might need, so if you’re looking for a quick word of advice just give us a call on 01282 677 910.

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