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How Rubber Box Provides Power To Worldwide Sport (Part 2)

In the second part of our two-part series, we’ll be taking you through a few more of our biggest recent undertakings for some of our national and international clients. Even if you’re not a sporting fan, we think there’s a good chance you’ll have heard of them!

Helping Bring The 2018 World Cup To International Audiences

It’s not long until the summer months – and of course, one of the biggest events of 2018. In fact, the World Cup isn’t just the biggest event of this year, but arguably even the last four! A total of 31 countries are due to join the hosts in Russia tomorrow to kick off the first round of the international World Cup. It’ll be the first one to be held in Europe since the 2006 event in Germany, and broadcast to an audience of millions all over the world.

At Rubber Box, we’re proud to be helping to do exactly that. We’ve supplied over a tonne of cables to a leading US TV corporation, to be integrated into their media coverage at the stadiums in Russia. It was quite the undertaking, but the end result is that millions of people are able to share in the sheer exhilaration, national pride and sense of international community that has always been associated with one of the biggest sporting events on the face of the planet.

Keeping Fresh Colour In National Football Stadiums

premiership football turf

Amongst our proudest recent undertakings at Rubber Box include our work for top venues in the Premier League, Championship and the Scottish Premiership. In fact, our distribution boxes are powering quite a unique function at these stadiums. Britain isn’t known for its brilliant weather all year round, so have you ever wondered how they keep the grass so green? The answer is, of course: they cheat. Massive ultraviolet lights are used to keep encouraging the grass’ growth even through the darker winter months, so you’re always watching players sprint across turf that’s green and vibrant, whatever the weather.

In addition to powering these massive UV lights, we’ve also supplied a wide range of our world-class power distribution boxes to be used in a number of capacities, both in the training grounds themselves and for internal use. These include powering the screens for fans and audiences, while also powering catering and medical equipment for staff and stewards. The portable nature of our distros is particularly helpful, as they can be moved to different locations to switch functions at a moment’s notice!

Keeping Things Running At The UK’s Biggest Horse Racing Events

horses at the grand national

Our rubber boxes have a long history of powering outdoor events – including unquestionably some of the most famous events on the national racing calendar. Hospitality tents and high-end marquees are some of the many facilities to benefit from our equipment at the UK’s classic horse races, in some of the country’s most popular and well-known venues. Catering, bar, lighting and media facilities are just a few of the many utilities we power, especially amongst corporate racegoers and company days out.

While we’re immensely proud of our achievements for some of the biggest global sporting events, don’t think that this means we’ve made any compromises on our service for other clients. No matter the size of the client or the scale of the project, we’re committed to delivering the same outstanding quality through our power distribution boxes every single time. You can get started now on exploring some of our products – like our 32A supply power distros – or if you know what you want already, you can always request a quote now! We’re always happy to provide guidance you might need, so if you’re looking for a quick word of advice just give us a call on 01282 677 910.

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