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Have you ever wondered why our distros in our standard range have the configurations that they do? Are they a random selection of configurations that have become popular?

No, of course not…

Our distros are a carefully selected group of boxes that can make up various cascade systems to suit almost any application. Think of a pyramid, you can start at 400A 3 phase at the top and break down into various sizes of either 3 phase or single phase and end up at 16A or 13A at the bottom. In fact you can start at any size and add distros to cascade down to the size you need.

When we design a box we consider many factors, building a product that useable, durable, safe and fit for purpose. Along with many important factors like weight, durability, materials and so on, we also have to look at what configurations we are likely to fit on it, then we have a mould made to manufacture the enclosure. Our boxes are all moulded and therefore a predetermined size, we can’t just cut up sheets of rubber and bond them together to make any size box we like. Usually the size is determined by the configurations that we can fit on the box.

Powered by our consumers

Once the enclosure is made it is you, the customer, that requests the configurations that are to be used. When one of these configurations becomes so popular that we are manufacturing reasonable quantities, we add it to our standard range of distros available to purchase. Each standard item is given a unique “RUB” product code and made in large quantities for stock.

New standard items are then added to the website where it slots into one of the cascade systems and becomes part of the family.

So next time you have thoughts about requesting a bespoke box, don’t hold back. It may be that you’re one of many requesting particular specifications which can be added to our website as a standard product. Hearing just what matters to you and the specifications you need on a regular basis helps us to provide you with the best range of distros we can.

If you can think of it we can build it...

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Bespoke power distro boxes

We manufacture bespoke power distro boxes to our customer’s individual requirements