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The 3 best practices for power distribution planning

Efficient power distribution planning is crucial for ensuring a smooth operation of events like theatres, music festivals, and motorsports events. Whether it’s setting up temporary power distribution for a theatre production or managing electricity needs at a large outdoor concert, meticulous planning is essential to meet energy demands while prioritising safety and reliability.

We’ve got extensive experience with power distribution ourselves here at Rubber Box, with years of experience in supplying our own power distros to customers across a range of sectors. Here, we’ll take a quick look at some of the best practices for power distribution planning in event settings, covering key steps from prioritising safety to implementing redundancy measures.

Prioritise safety

Obviously, safety is always the overarching concern in any event, so it’s the very first thing to start with. Ensuring the safety of performers, crew members, and attendees, as well as protecting equipment and venues, always needs to be the top priority. Prioritising safety from the outset makes it easier to identify potential hazards and mitigate them effectively, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the smooth running of the event. Not only does that ensure that all your attendees enjoy the event, making them more liable to return next year, but it also ensures that you’re protected from any unexpected legal consequences when it comes to safety (such as liability claims).

Safety measures may include conducting safety briefings for event staff, implementing proper equipment grounding and insulation, and ensuring clear signage for electrical hazards. Regular inspections of power distribution equipment and adherence to safety regulations are also both crucial aspects of maintaining a safe environment.

Conducting thorough site assessments

Before setting up power distribution for an event, it’s also essential to comprehensive site assessments. These assessments help identify factors such as available power sources, terrain challenges, and any potential obstacles that may impact the distribution system. Understanding the site’s conditions makes it far easier to design a power distribution layout that is efficient and meets the specific needs of the event.

During site assessments, you’ll want to think about assessing power requirements for lighting, sound systems, and other equipment, as well as evaluating the location of power distribution boxes and cable runs. Additionally, understanding the layout of the venue and any restrictions or regulations related to power usage is vital for planning a successful event.

Implementing redundancy measures

In event settings, redundancy measures are crucial for ensuring uninterrupted power supply, especially during live performances or competitions where any disruption can have significant consequences. Redundancy involves having backup systems or alternative power sources in place to mitigate the impact of primary system failures or outages. We’ve spoken about it at quite some length on the blog here recently at Rubber Box!

Common redundancy measures may include installing backup generators, using uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units for critical equipment, and implementing redundant power distribution paths. Incorporating redundancy measures into the power distribution plan can prove instrumental in minimising the risk of power interruptions, and ensuring a seamless experience for performers / participants and attendees alike.

And of course, if you’re looking for rubber boxes for your own power distribution network, you can always count on us right here at Rubber Box. We stock a wide range of power distribution equipment , including our standard ranges and various bespoke products. For over 20 years, we’ve been a market leader and well-respected name within the industry, supplying electric power distribution boxes and equipment to some of the largest venues and events in the UK and over 30 countries worldwide.

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