The 3 key advantages of structured cabling for your premises

Structured cabling is becoming increasingly common in premises across a wide range of sectors, including commercial and industrial buildings, as well as arts and entertainment venues (to name just a few). Our power distribution boxes here at Rubber Box can often be instrumental in these structured cabling systems, and they might well be a good idea to consider for your own premises, no matter what your sector. So, what makes them quite so useful? We’ll explain their key advantages just below – but first, let’s start with the basics.

What is structured cabling?

It’s all in the name. Structured cabling is a system of cabling that’s based on a standardised framework, consisting of multiple smaller standardised building blocks called subsystems. That underlying structure makes it markedly different from the more common ‘point-to-point’ cabling system (which involves separate devices being cabled individually), and most importantly, makes it more efficient and versatile.

A lot of that is down to the ‘building block’ style of structured cabling, which gives it valuable extra flexibility since it’s easier for more systems or devices to be added and removed over time. That allows it to support multiple hardware uses, and enables the system to be scaled up in line with future business growth – something that’s a lot harder with point-to-point cabling systems, as their ad-hoc nature can make them increasingly complex and difficult to manage effectively. In fact, the relative simplicity of structured cabling provides the basis for many of its core advantages.

The core benefits of structured cabling

Upgrading your systems to structured cabling can often be quite an involved undertaking, but it’s more than worth it for the convenience and cost savings it provides.

Makes it easier to resolve issues, resulting in reduced downtime

If you’re currently using a point-to-point system in your premises, you might already be able to appreciate how easily things can go wrong – and what a pain they can be to try and fix. The complexity and ad-hoc nature of point-to-point systems often means that it can be tricky to track down the root of a particular technical problem, which can end up causing significant workflow disruptions and downtime, or extra expense for your organisation if a particularly delicate or expensive piece of kit is at risk.

On the other hand, the established, regular framework of structured cabling makes it much easier to troubleshoot, isolate and ultimately rectify an issue, which means less downtime, less expense, and maximum productivity for your organisation.

Provides greater efficiency, scalability and enhanced flexibility

Structured cabling is widely considered to be a cost-effective solution, and with good reason too. First of all, as we’ve just touched upon, it minimises the costs garnered through downtime. The established framework also makes it easier to power multiple applications throughout your premises more efficiently, using a unified IT infrastructure.

For example, by its nature it enables you to separate your data and equipment types into their own discreet outlets, helping you to avoid common mistakes like running power cables in closer proximity to data cables, which can cause disruptive ‘noise’ in your network. Structured cabling is designed to sidestep these sorts of issues from the outset.

This underlying structure also accommodates new additions and later removals of devices from the system as well, giving structured cabling an inherent versatility and scalability that’s useful for growing businesses. That’s also particularly helpful if you ever find yourself moving premises.

Helps future-proof your investment

In addition to its scalability, the high bandwidth of structured cabling makes it a highly reliable infrastructure for supporting your business growth, enabling your organisation to adapt more easily to changes in your sector or industry, so you can steadily evolve your business in line with your strategy. What’s more, it also facilitates the development and rollout of new technologies or services – which is especially useful if you’re in the entertainment sector, as many of our customers are here at Rubber Box!

These are just a few of the most universal benefits of structured cabling, of course – you may well find that you’re able to enjoy some that are specific to your business! And if you’re in need of some electrical distribution equipment, you’re in exactly the right place. You can get started now on exploring some of our products – like our 32A power supply distros – or if you know what you want already, you can always request a quote now! We’re always happy to provide guidance you might need, so if you’re looking for a quick word of advice just give us a call on 01282 677 910.

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