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The top 3 outdoor uses for a power distribution box this summer

Summer is our favourite time of year here at Rubber Box, and just like every year, we’re working hard to get you the power you need for your summertime event. In keeping with that spirit, we have everything from 16a power distribution boxes all the way up to 400a supplies. For over 30 years, we’ve been providing top-of-the-line and reliable power supplies to clients working across a variety of industries – so here are the top three sectors that often benefit the most from our power distribution boxes in summer.

Music festivals

Music festivals are the obvious summer event, and one that people flock to in the thousands – some people even attend several in a single a year. It’s easy to see why, too – music festivals present a fantastic opportunity to chill out, watch a bunch of bands and eat and drink some delicious food.

Of course, it goes without saying that a number of different stages, hundreds of lights, speakers, stalls and equipment, requires a vast power supply to keep everything up and running – and that’s where we come in. If you’re already organising a music festival you’ll need a pretty good idea of how much equipment you’re powering and how many people you’re expecting, so we can get you a power distribution box with the capacity to handle your needs safely and efficiently.

Food and drink festivals

Food and drink festivals are firmly on the menu every summer. Food festivals are the perfect way to discover local and foreign cuisine, sample new vendors and experience tasty culinary delights you wouldn’t otherwise have had the chance to experience. Contrary to what some people expect, food festivals actually require quite a considerable amount of energy to run effectively. All the electricity needed to power pop-up kitchens and bars, food trucks, lights and stages adds up!

Don’t worry though, we have everything you need right here at Rubber Box for a successful food festival, no matter how big or small. Over the years we’ve supplied power to over 2,500 thousand festivals, so whether you’re after portable power or a fixed solution, rest assured we’ve got you covered.

Outdoor weddings

There’s a reason that summer is known as wedding season. People are naturally happier in summer, and what better way to harness that joy than with a wedding? In recent years, outdoor weddings have seen a particular boom in popularity. That’s probably for a number of different reasons, at least of which is probably just the desire to have something a little different and personal.

If you’re throwing or hosting an outdoor wedding this summer, it’s always important to consider everything that will need powering, like lighting, music equipment, catering appliances, toilets and even a photo booth.

What’s more, you may of course need to set up and take down your event relatively quickly, to make space for the next wedding. Or if you’re on borrowed or rented land, you’re probably working to a time schedule. This is where our power distribution boxes can really help. While they can safely provide you with all the power you need without risk, they’re also specifically designed for mobility and ease of use, so they’re extremely quick to set-up and pack down!

If you’ve got an outdoor event you’re looking to power this summer, do it the safest and easiest way possible with one of our power distribution boxes. For over 30 years we’ve been a market leader and well-respected name within this industry, and we’ve supplied electric power distribution boxes to some of the largest venues and events all over the world.

We have a huge stock of quality power distribution equipment here at Rubber Box and we can manufacture bespoke built boxes to meet your individual needs and requirements. Many of our power distribution equipment is available for next day delivery, so you can get what you need, as soon as you need it. You can browse through our products here, or speak to a member of our fantastic team by giving us a call on 01282 937144 and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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