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Useful Extra Features On Our Rubber Boxes

We take great pride in our products here at Rubber Box – it’s just one of the reasons we’re able to keep our customers coming back for more, year upon year. What’s more, we take our customers’ specific needs into account when creating new ones; many of our most recent designs have been produced from originally bespoke designs for individual customers. In addition to the many inbuilt advantages of our Rubber Boxes – their reliability, scalability, high capacity and efficiency being just a few – several other features also come as standard, and we’re going to be looking at just a few in the post below.

Stacking Saves Space And Increases Efficiency

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When designing our products, we pay close attention to not just the inside of the box, but the exterior as well. That’s why many of our boxes are stackable, so that you can group several power distros together in one tall column, as opposed to spreading them out over a wide area. As anyone who’s designed a full power distribution network knows, space-saving is vital to the efficiency of the system, not to mention the safety of passers-by. As a general rule, electrical distribution equipment has quite enough trailing wires and other ground obstacles already, so it’s always helpful to minimise these as much as possible.

Space saving in this manner not only makes things safer and more convenient, but it also allows engineers to make the most of the available power, especially if there’s limited space in the venue. Increasing the efficiency of the system itself means that equipment can be packed into a tight space without having to sacrifice any of the output.

Here at Rubber Box, we employ a team of talented, experienced engineers, each with an extensive knowledge gained over the course of years in the trade. We put that expertise to use for you, too, as we provide ongoing support for our products in the form of our aftersales service. If you have any problems with one of our products or need any advice, you can just give us a call on 01282 677 910 – although we find that very few of our customers ever need to!

In the meantime, feel free browse the most recent additions to our range by having a look at our latest bespoke distros.

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