What is a power distribution box?

We serve customers across a wide range of industries here at Rubber Box, from the sports and broadcasting industries all the way across to theatre and events companies. And while many of these customers have some technical experience, there are a fair proportion that don’t, too. That’s fine – after all, it’s what we’re here to help with right here at Rubber Box! We find that one of the first questions from our non-technical clients is often along the lines of: what exactly is a power distribution box? Well, this week that’s what we’ll be telling you!

What is a power distribution box?

Sometimes referred to as a power distribution unit (‘PDU’) or simply a distro, a power distribution box is used to safely distribute electricity from the power source to other devices in a circuit. It typically has one input and multiple outputs, allowing several devices to be connected to the distro rather than directly to the power source. This makes things safer, more efficient and more convenient; one of its key advantages is that it reduces the chances of blown fuses or even dangerous short-outs.

The shapes, sizes and construction of power distribution boxes can vary widely, and they’re often made bespoke. (In fact, bespoke power distros make up one of our key services here at Rubber Box.) The possible variables include input and output ampages or voltages, and the number of inputs can be adjusted to. They can also be manufactured with extra safety features, such as MCBs and RCBs.

Why are power distribution boxes useful?

Essentially, using a power distribution box means means that you don’t have to connect each output device directly to the power source. This streamlines the circuit, and makes it more efficient by saving you from having to use any more wires than strictly necessary (therefore saving energy). As well as saving on possible power wastage, having fewer physical wires to deal with also makes the environment safer for staff and visitors. Wires can present a major tripping hazard, and have a nasty habit of getting snagged on things. The fewer of them you need, the better!

Staying safe when using power distros

These two key advantages alone makes power distribution boxes useful for almost any application or environment, but they’re especially helpful in larger circuits. This is because their modular construction provides an easy and effective way to increase the scalability of the circuit, which makes them invaluable for big events like festivals, concerts, weddings and sports events. In fact, power distros are widely used for environments across a broad range of sectors, including business events, weddings, nightclubs, churches, sports events, broadcasting… the list is almost endless!

Key benefits of power distros:

–  Increased efficiency – leading to decreased energy costs

–  Better safety – both in terms of tripping hazards and electrical dangers

–  Power filtering – tailor-made outputs with specific voltages improve the power quality at each output

–  Additional safety features available – RCBs and MCBS can protect against power overloads, blown fuses and fires

–  They can be made bespoke

Here at Rubber Box, we stock a wide range of power distribution equipment, including both our standard range of products and an array of bespoke equipment. You can browse our products here, or if you’ve got any questions or have an enquiry for a bespoke product, give us a call on 01282 677 910.

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