What Makes Our Products Different?

What Makes Our Products Different?

We’ve worked hard to get where we are today; that is, to become the country’s leading provider of power distribution boxes. Our professional expertise and quality customer service play a big part, but one of the most crucial elements in our success is obviously that of our products. So, in short then – why should you buy them?

Their Safety, Durability and Resilience


Your safety is of paramount importance to us, and is the very first consideration in every single one of our designs. This is why we build them with tough, resilient exteriors – we understand that they’re liable to get knocked about a bit, especially in busy frantic environments like live music or sporting events. We know, too, that sometimes the job demands short-notice changes of schedule, so our distribution systems are sturdy enough to withstand being hauled around with urgency (to a reasonable degree, of course). We also extend this same principle of safety to their inner workings, as far as we can, and as a result all our products are double insulated.

Their User-Friendliness and High Capacity

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We design our power distribution boxes to be as easy and simple to use as possible, so that once you’ve bought them you can quickly get to grips with their operation yourself. Of course, we offer on-going technical support regardless (just in case, you understand), and we’ll always have a technician standing by to advise you – which we know can be especially reassuring in the early days! This way, you can have complete confidence in operating your power distros.

While we’re on the topic of their operation, their inbuilt ability to handle high outputs makes them suited to a wide variety of large-scale events; we know that big performances tend to have high power requirements to match, so we make sure our distribution boxes can handle the demand!

Their Solid and Adaptable Design

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One of the key strengths of our power distros is their flexibility. From our staple products to our newest releases, we aim to design an integral adaptability into them as standard, so they can deal with whatever you have in store for them: whether that’s live music events, television studios, or press conferences (to name just a few examples). The wide variety of fittings on our range of audio boxes makes them well equipped for touring and life on the road, as it can sometimes be a gamble to guess which connectors you might need! Meanwhile, extra attachments like coupler clamps mean our products can seamlessly integrate into your other equipment setups.

This intrinsic adaptability pays dividends when it comes to bespoke projects, as it allows us to easily combine and create custom distribution systems to cater for your specific power needs. What’s more, the sheer size of the range of products we offer means that even if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ve almost certainly got the ingredients to design and build it for you. And if particular bespoke distro sees a high enough demand, we’ll even consider making it more widely available, or even selling it as standard!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

We take our reputation as a market leader very seriously, and place the needs of our customers as our highest priorities. To see what we’re talking about, you can browse our selection of power distros here, or you can contact us to discuss a bespoke project you might have.

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