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What Makes Power Distribution Different In The Military?

We serve all sorts of industries here at Rubber Box, but amongst the most complex by far is the military sector. We’ve told you a bit in recent weeks about all the intensive work that goes into setting up the power supply for a music festival, and why it has to be that way. This week, however, we’re taking a closer look at the power distribution equipment used in the military industry, and what makes it so dramatically different from our other customers.

A Different Kind Of Power Distribution Supply

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Though obviously nobody wants a power distro that’s anything less than 100% reliable, military customers won’t will always avoid taking a chance on a system with even the slightest indication that it might fail. They need unwaveringly reliable prime power, and solid backup power solutions, or the consequences can be especially dire. As they’re working in hostile environments often many miles away from help, a simple thing like an electrical fault can have drastic repercussions – say, for example, if the power to a field hospital suddenly goes out

Consequently, military power distribution supply is almost always made up of components that are absolutely state of the art. And because military customers often have access to large departmental budgets (unlike many smaller, private customers), they can afford initial sky-high spends on equipment like transformers, distros and antennae, if it means that these systems guarantee top efficiency and optimisation further down the line.

How Location Plays A Part In Power

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This efficiency and optimisation is no less key. If the base or installation is out in tropical tundra or a far flung desert, sourcing diesel to feed their generators can be problematic, especially if its personnel is working in an actively hostile location. So for this reason, it’s vital that the power distribution system can really go the distance with relatively meagre amounts of fuel.

The power distribution boxes also need to be durable and supremely reliable in the extreme and often unforgiving natural weather in these locations. This could be anything from monsoon rains, heavy snowfall, or even high-speed sandstorms.

Our product range is mainly power distribution boxes here at Rubber Box, but manufacturers who provide other equipment (like transformers) often use alterations like sunshades and reflective paint finishes to fend off the worst effects of the harsh weather, thereby optimising performance.

The Setup Of Military Power Distribution Supply

What Makes Our Products Different?

One of the most fascinating aspects of military setups (especially from an engineer’s point of view), is that they use specialised connectors, quite distinct from the Ceeform connectors traditionally used in civilian setups. Historically this difference has been down to a number of factors, and is now so firmly established that it’s unlikely to ever change.

Military power equipment demands versatility and scalability as other key considerations. Again, this is mostly due to a question of resources; since they’re often going to be limited, military personnel need to be able to make the most of what they’ve got, which might sometimes involve attempting to connect their power systems with civilian grids in foreign countries. When you look at it like that, they can’t afford not to be versatile!

At Rubber Box we’ve had first hand experience of working to exactly these sorts of strict specifications. One of our most notable contracts in recent years has been installing a power distribution supply for a military installation, which had a complex and diverse requirement. Nevertheless, we rose to the task!

Of course, you don’t have to be in the military to benefit from our fantastic power distribution boxes. Each year we process thousands of orders for hundreds of satisfied customers – just take a quick look at our product range to find out why so many of them keep coming back!

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