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Why Do So Many Nightclubs Use Rubber Box?

We’re proud to have a pretty diverse customer base here at Rubber Box – so diverse in fact, that we’ve even done blogs on some of these industries in the past! We’ve covered everything from marinas to music festivals, so this week on the blog we’re taking a look at nightclubs, and why our electrical distribution equipment has become such a firm favourite of owners.

Our Rubber Boxes Are Efficient And High Capacity

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As anyone in the business can tell you, while nightclubs can bring in big money from patrons, they’re equally expensive to run. That means that although the priority is to make sure everyone has a good time, efficiency is also a very important factor. If a huge chunk of your budget is dedicated to making sure the lights stay low and the music keeps thumping, you wouldn’t be happy to learn that there’s any energy being wasted along the way. Happily, our rubber boxes are constructed with an in-built efficiency that streamlines usage in any power setup, ensuring that costs don’t rise any higher than they should be.

What’s more, our power distros are particularly high-capacity, which means they can handle the significant power demands that nightclubs require. We’ve told you before about how our rubber boxes provide power to some of the UK’s biggest music festivals – and you can be sure that if they can handle that, they can handle almost anything!

Reliability Is Key With Our Power Distros

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Whether the nightclub in question is just starting up, or it’s a well-established night out in town, owners and managers are always going to want equipment that’s reliable. It sounds like a no-brainer, but there is some equipment on the market that’s only good for a year or so, before the cracks start to show. Not so with our power distribution boxes – you can count on them to be in for the long haul, and this reliability gives them great long-term value. It can be painfully expensive having to rebuy the same equipment once every few years or so, which means the initial investment in our products will balance out in the blink of an eye!

When we talk about reliability, we’re also referring to their resilience – all of our power distribution boxes have safety measures and protection built-in from scratch. Some are rated higher than others, but you can rest assured that if someone spills a drink, there’s no reason to panic.

Our Products Are Inherently Scalable

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This is something that not everyone in the business can say; our rubber boxes are effortlessly scalable. This means that if you’re a nightclub owner and you find yourself able to expand your club, you don’t need to worry about overhauling your entire power structure – you can just build on what you’ve already got. Lots of nightclubs make use of different rooms for different genres of music, too. Our rubber boxes can cater to that, enabling you compartmentalise your power setup depending on what the environment of each room requires.

We Pride Ourselves On Our Customer Service

What Makes Our Products Different?

There’s one final thing that keeps nightclubs coming back to Rubber Box – it’s the same thing that keeps everyone else coming back! Whatever industry you work in, as our customers you are at the centre of everything we do. We ensure that you’ve always got the aftersales care and support you need, so if you do ever need a word of advice, it’s rarely more complicated than a quick phone call.

You can browse our full range of products here, or give us a call on 01282 677 910 if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

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