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Win a Rubber Box Distro!

Pictured is a box that spent 12 months sitting in the Nevada desert. You’d never have guessed it would you? Apart from fading of the connectors and a bit of sand on the surface this distro ran all day, every day without a single problem.

Rubber Box Distros: Powerful & Robust

Unlike the majority of electrical equipment, Rubber Box distros can withstand the incredible heat and still work just as effectively as they would in regular conditions.

In fact, we carried out a test and inspection on the box that had sat in the desert for 12 months to confirm its full working order; it passed without a fault and was returned to the customer the following day.

We have to say, we weren’t surprised. Our distros have been powerful and robust enough to provide power to some of the biggest sporting events across the world, including the Olympics and Commonwealth games, as well as in heavy duty industrial sectors.

They’ve provided portable power distribution to help maintain large structure offshore oil and gas platforms, long distance pipeline welding, the UK’s national power infrastructure and national and international military sectors! So when it comes to extreme conditions, we were pretty sure our distros could handle that too.

The popular RUB1409C is up for grabs!

We know our distros are good but we’d like to see your pictures to prove it. Have you used our distros up mountains, in artic chills or waterlogged fields? If so, we’d love to see the photos!


To enter our competition, send any photos (compressed – zipped) that you have of our distros in harsh or extreme environments to this email address, and if we’re impressed you may just win yourself a prize. The best picture sent to us by the 31st July will win one of our most popular off the shelf distros, the RUB1409C.

The RUB1409C is one of our best selling 32A supply power distros because it’s versatile, compact in size and extremely durable – and another competitor for surviving those harsh weather conditions!

Despite its power, the RUB1409C remains safe, with MCB & RCBO protection for all outlets and safety features and materials built into the design. To top it off, the RUB1409C also comes with a full 12-months parts and labour guarantee – you can’t get much better than that!

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