How much power will the world cup football stadiums consume?

After months and years of anticipation, this year’s World Cup has finally kicked off! It’s been on our calendars for a long while here at Rubber Box – as well as supplying power distribution equipment to our UK-based customers, we’ve also been undertaking some work in the run-up to the event, for a major broadcaster planning on covering it.

While still amazingly huge, that number becomes a little more understandable once you realise what all this goes into powering, and where power distribution systems have to send all this energy. At the bare minimum, the World Cup stadiums will likely have to account for at least some of the following:

  • Floodlights to light the stadium (nowadays, these are mostly high-tech LED lights)
  • Massive screen displays for live-action relays to the crowds
  • Video walls in training and management areas, so team and stadium officials can keep track of the action
  • Sound systems
  • Refreshments, catering facilities and hospitality
  • Satellite connectivity and broadcasting facilities (obviously a big consideration in the World Cup!)
  • Temperature control

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As we touched on above, in the run up to the event we were contacted by a leading US TV corporation, which was in the midst of planning its coverage of the World Cup. However, they were in urgent need of some power distros and cables to properly power their equipment. As with many of the jobs we undertake here at Rubber Box, it was a lot to handle in a relatively short timescale, but we’re pleased to say that we succeeded in supplying all their equipment in record time – ultimately enabling millions to revel in the action!

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