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Electrical Distribution Equipment Supply At Rubber Box

We’ve been in business for decades here at Rubber Box, and over that time we’ve built a trusted name for ourselves as one of the UK’s most reliable suppliers of electrical distribution equipment. We supply a huge range of industries, including some of the UK’s biggest music festivals. This week, we’re giving you a quick rundown of our products and service.

Manufacturing Electrical Distribution Equipment At Rubber Box

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One of the reasons we’ve managed to build such a stellar name for ourselves is simple: the sheer range and diversity of our stock. We manufacture a wide array of electrical distribution equipment, catering to incoming supplies ranging from 16A all the way up to a 400A supply, as well as audio boxes and electrical boxes with Socapex inlets and outlets. These products are built with versatility and scalability in mind, which means that you can even slot them seamlessly into existing power infrastructures, or begin designing yours from the ground-up.

Each one of our products is designed with a high-degree of inbuilt weather resistance. An enclosure (an empty box) for an average piece of Rubber Box electrical distribution equipment is IP65, which makes it completely resistant to dust and resilient against water ingress. Though this means rainfall, snow and sleet won’t generally pose a problem, ultimately the IP rating of an individual electrical box is subject to that of its connectors, so we’d still advise keeping them out of the weather’s firing line as much as possible.

On that note, however, we test our products rigorously to make sure it adheres to our strict safety standards. Every one of them comes with a very capable overload protection as standard, guarding against the possibility of leakage to earth. We can also fit additional safety features upon request, although most of our customers find the existing measure are more than sufficient to do the job.

Service And Aftercare Of Our Power Distribution Equipment

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At Rubber Box, we work very hard at providing flawless customer service. We tend to process about 12,000 orders every year. We’re already well on track for that, with over 6000 so far already in 2017. Of these, more than 500 of them have been completely bespoke orders.

Many of our customers request very minor changes to existing products in our range in order to fine-tune them for specific purposes. However, we’re not counting those in that number. That means we’ve built over 500 bespoke pieces of electrical distribution equipment from the ground up. If enough customers request the same type of item, we’ll even add it to our standard product range.

As part and parcel of our service, we’re proud to provide an excellent level of aftercare to all our customers. Our technicians are available for callouts if necessary, but we prefer to save our customers the callout charge whenever we can by tackling the problem over the phone first. We find that the vast majority of problems can be solved with these quick phone calls.

If you’re looking for electrical distribution equipment for your own event or venue, we’re sure we’ve got what you need here at Rubber Box. Feel free to browse our existing product range, request a quote, or give us a call on 01282 677 910.

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