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Giving power to you – winter events and power distribution boxes

We don’t know about you, but we love the winter season here at Rubber Box – and just like every year, we’re dedicated to ensuring your winter events sparkle with the power they need. We provide a comprehensive range of range power solutions, encompassing everything from 16a power distribution boxes to robust 400a supplies. With decades of experience behind us, we have a long history of providing peerless service to customers across a number of sectors. So if you’re planning any of the following types of events this winter, here’s how our power distribution boxes can help!  

Christmas parties

Though lots of people think of winter as being dark and gloomy, there’s still plenty of joy involved – especially when it comes to Christmas parties! Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration on a large scale, you’ll always need a reliably power supply. From twinkling lights and sound systems to warming stations and entertainment setups, a Christmas party demands a seamless power distribution. Here at Rubber Box, you can count on us to understand the unique requirements of your festive event, and provide power distribution boxes tailored to ensure your Christmas party is merry and bright.

Christmas markets

If you can manage with the crowds, Christmas markets have a certain enchanting ambiance – as you’ll know if you’ve visited Manchester’s recently! These bustling hubs of festive cheer require a robust power infrastructure to illuminate stalls, power holiday lights, and create a warm and inviting atmosphere – as indeed we’ve covered previously on the blog. 

Our power distribution boxes are more than capable of handling the diverse needs of Christmas market, and individual stalls will vary in terms of their power requirements – anything from a 63A 3Phase (RUB270H3) down to a 16A or 13A Single phase PDU (RUBTR3 and RUB1401) could do the trick. So if you need a bit of extra juice to maintain the festive atmosphere, you can always rely on us to help! 

New Year’s firework displays

It’s a tradition that tends to hold a very cherished place in our hearts as a nation (and indeed as a planet). There’s nothing not to love about the New Year – if you’ve had a great 12 months, it’s a lovely opportunity to get excited about what the next 12 will bring. If you’ve had a rubbish time of it on the other hand, then New Year is the time you can finally wave an un-fond farewell to it all, and start afresh. So it’s no wonder that people tend to turn out in their thousands (or even tens of thousands) to larger firework displays.

That’s where our power distribution boxes come in handy here at Rubber Box. Our rubber boxes are designed to handle the demands of elaborate fireworks setups, as well as a wide variety of electronic digital displays, creating a mesmerising experience that marks a spectacular start to the New Year.

Those are just a few of the most high-profile examples of the kinds of events we frequently help with here at Rubber Box – but the above is far from exhaustive! Whatever kind of event you’ve got in mind, we’ve got you covered.

Our equipment is not only designed for reliability but also for quick setup and disassembly, ideal for time-sensitive occasions. For over 30 years, we’ve established ourselves as a market leader, supplying power distribution boxes to some of the most renowned winter venues and events worldwide.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at our quality power distribution equipment for yourself, or speak to our team by calling 01282 937144, and let us assist you in powering up your winter wonderland. With our huge stock and the option for bespoke solutions, you can count on Rubber Box to make your winter events truly electrifying!

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