Do You Own A Rubber Box?

At Rubber Box we pride ourselves on the quality of our products.

Not ones to boast, we have never shouted about this but you, the customer, have realised the value for money our boxes represent. In fact, most of the Rubber Boxes that have been made in the 24 years we have been in business are still working and being used today.

As well as a bespoke service which will design and build any configuration you can think of, we have a standard range of boxes with over 1200 products held in stock at all times. All you have to do is look for the spec you need and order the box. Easy right? – Well only if you’ve come directly to our website.

Real versus fake

A quick search on the internet for Rubber Box and you’ll find us straight away of course but you will also find a number of people advertising “Rubber Box Distros” for sale. Although some of these advertisers are companies that we work with who regularly buy from us to sell on to other users, many aren’t. Some are our competitors advertising boxes using our name when most of the products shown are not even made of rubber, they’re made of plastic or sometimes even steel.

Those unscrupulous Chinese copiers are at it again I hear you cry! Wrong again!

Choose Rubber Box for peace of mind

Some of these are British companies who claim to make products just as good if not better than Rubber Box. Products that sometimes don’t comply with current regulations and would throw up some serious concerns if scrutinised. So beware, you may not be buying what you think you are. You could end up with something that is unsafe in the wrong hands.

Are all your staff who use power distribution qualified electricians? If not, then buy something that is guaranteed to be safe whoever uses it, and shop with us at Rubber Rox.

The real deal

The easy way to identify our products is look for our name moulded into the rubber or our logo on the box. If it doesn’t have our name on it then it hasn’t been built to our usual high standards and probably won’t serve you as well.

So remember what to look for when you’re looking for your next distro. Rubber Box moulded into the box or Rubber Box Co. Ltd. written on the box – Quality, reliability, safety and longevity all guaranteed. It’s more than just a name!

If you want to join our growing list of happy customers and make your next event a success why not browse our wide range of products? Our expert team are on hand to give you help and assistance, or to process you latest order – so contact us today!.

If you can think of it we can build it...

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We manufacture bespoke power distro boxes to our customer’s individual requirements