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Why Do Music Festivals Keep Coming Back To Rubber Box?

As we’ve mentioned once or twice, organisers of music festivals are amongst our biggest customers here at Rubber Box. Last week on the blog we explained a little about how they typically work – this week, we’re giving you the inside details on exactly why they choose Rubber Box, time after time.

The Mobility Of Our Power Distros

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Music festivals are almost always made up of temporary structures, usually erected on private land. That means that once the festival is over, the land owners usually want the space back reasonably promptly, so it’s up to the organisers to set everything down and pack everything up as quickly as they can. For the smaller festivals it might even be a matter of doing it the same day, while for the larger ones it might take weeks or even months.

Either way, it’s important to be able to get all speakers, lights and power systems up off the ground quickly and into the backs of waiting vans. Our power distribution boxes are specifically designed for this sort of mobility, making it faster and easier for organisers to pack up once the event is over.

The Quick Turnaround Of Our Service


By their very nature, music festivals can sometimes be a bit precarious to organise. This can be for a variety of reasons; a band might pull out at the last minute, there might be administrative difficulties, or problems with the land and associated permissions. As a result, even the crucial details like power distribution decisions can sometimes be only a month or two before the festival starts. Thankfully, at Rubber Box we’re fully equipped – in all senses of the word – to handle these sorts of tight deadlines. We’ve worked to exactly these sorts of briefs several times in the past, and in each of them we’ve succeeded in achieving a turnaround of just a few weeks. Not bad, if we do say so ourselves!

The Safety Of Our Products

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As anyone who’s attended Glastonbury will know, once the festival is up and running, that’s more or less it – come rain or shine. And here in Britain, unfortunately we’re used to our fair amount of rain. Thankfully, the IP ratings of our power distros are designed to handle it, so there’s no danger of anyone getting electrocuted if the heavens open. (We’d still advise covering them up if you can, but trust us – safety is our utmost priority here at Rubber Box.)

A Dependable Reliability In All Our Systems

From Planning To Production: How We Do Things At Rubber Box

Even a brief loss of power can be catastrophic for music festivals. The performances have a strict schedule they have to keep to, which means that if the outage goes on too long a band might miss their slot entirely, or have it cut brutally short. That’s not going to make the fans happy, and it’s definitely not going to make the band happy. And that’s just the performances – medical, food or toilet facilities can have an entirely different set of disastrous consequences. The organisers have do deal with not only the immediate results of this, but also the potential impact on their reputation further down the line.

Reliability is one of our absolute priorities here at Rubber Box; we build our systems to be dependable, putting organiser’s minds at rest about any potential outages.

Our Power Distros Are Scalable, With A High Capacity

At Rubber Box, our power distribution boxes are built to be scalable. That means that you can use them to build a power network that’s as small or as big as you like, depending on the size of the music festival. Our power distros can accommodate catering, lights, toiletries, administration facilities, medical tents and various bells and whistles on the performances (like pyrotechnics or projectors). It means that festival organisers can construct their network and get it up and running in the minimum amount of time possible. Always handy when you’re working to tight deadlines like the ones mentioned above!

These are just a few of the reasons why music festival organisers find our power distros useful – and they might be the same reasons you will too! We cater for an array of industries, from corporate events to private celebrations and social functions. Whatever the event you have in mind, you can browse our full range of products here. Don’t forget, you can always call us on 01282 677 910 if you have any questions or need any advice. Our engineers are here to help!

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